Kulfi Kumar Sikandar secret revelation stuns Kulfi Amyra

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar secret revelation stuns Kulfi Amyra

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar secret revelation stuns Kulfi Amyra Sikandar reaches the godown. He breaks down thinking of Kulfi’s emotional speech. He feels helpless that his daughter got to know his evil truth. He is troubled within. He wishes that they just had his good image in their eyes. He regrets that Kulfi has seen him committing a crime. He cries out on his fate. He wants to fix few things before he dies. He feels fate has always been harsh on him. Kulfi goes to talk to Raju so that she can ask about Fateh. She gets scared and doesn’t ask anything. She tells him that she went to the godown to find her earring.

Raju thinks if she knows about Fateh. She doesn’t let him go to the godown. Sikandar loses belief. He doesn’t want to pray anything now, since his prayers aren’t getting fulfilled. He wears the mask to trouble Fateh again. Kulfi tells Raju that she knows Sikandar has kidnapped Fateh. She knows Sikandar is a good person, and maybe he is helpless to kidnap Fateh. She asks him if he knows the reason for his move. Raju tells her that Sikandar has done everything for her sake, and also the chawl people. He tells that they are suffering because of Jimmy Gazdar.

Kulfi tells him that Sikandar can’t do anything wrong to help him, there is surely some big reason behind his change. Raju tells her that he doesn’t know the reason. He also wants to help Sikandar. Amyra informs them about finding the medicine from Sikandar’s clothes. Kulfi worriedly tries to find out about the medicines. She wonders what illness is Sikandar suffering from. She asks Raju to help her in finding the truth. Raju rushes to get a doctor.

On the other hand, Jimmy asks the police to find his son. He suspects Sikandar is the kidnapper. He doesn’t want Sikandar to drag the game. Sikandar calls him to threaten him once again. He asks Jimmy to be ready for his revenge. Jimmy cries for his son. Sikandar asks him to obey his instructions and return the money to people he had ruined. Jimmy agrees to return his money as well. He asks his name. Sikandar isn’t foolish to state his name. He asks Jimmy to just fulfill his demand if he cares for his son.

He scolds Jimmy that he has ruined many people. He leaves Jimmy confused. Raju and Kulfi ask the doctor to tell them about the medicine. The doctor reveals about Sikandar’s tumour. Amyra and Kulfi can’t believe that Sikandar is going to die because of his critical illness. Amyra faints down in shock. Kulfi can’t live without Sikandar. She comforts Amyra. Sikandar threatens Jimmy once again. Kulfi is deeply worried seeing her dad’s unwanted evil side.

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