Sanjivani Star Plus Shashank confesses love for Juhi

Sanjivani Huge revelation of Shashank's truth lined

Sanjivani Star Plus Shashank confesses love for Juhi Sid recalls a broken marriage, where the bride didn’t turn up and marriage was left incomplete. He feels he really has a bad fate. He doesn’t want to welcome love in his life. He wishes Ishani stays away and happy. He thinks if he associates with her, then she will also get ill fated like him. Ishani wants to know the reason for Sid’s weird behavior, when he was behaving sweet with her before. She can’t believe the sudden change of behavior from his side. She is sure to talk out and end their issues. Sid and Ishani stay separated by a glass wall. He wants a separation line drawn between them always. She doesn’t want him to get away.

On the other hand, Anjali and Vardaan’s love story picks up a good speed. Anjali forgives him. She also wants to apologize for venting out anger on him. He asks her not to let the moments get spent in apologies. She tells him that someone may love her just for her richness and her surname, since she is Shashank’s daughter. Vardaan clears out that he isn’t interested in her money and Shashank’s name. He just wants Anjali in his life. She asks him the reason for the failure of his first marriage. He tells her that his wife couldn’t respect his work. He hopes that Anjali doesn’t have any issue with his tight work schedule. He knows she will understand him well, being a busy workaholic herself. He expresses his desire to live his life with her.

He waits for Anjali’s answer. Meanwhile, Juhi gets surrounded by Shashank’s thoughts. She wants to know if he loves her or not. Shashank clears her doubts by giving her a straight answer, that his respect and faith towards her have turned into love with time. He tells her that he loves her a lot. He wants to know if Juhi will reciprocate his feelings. He waits for her answer. Juhi gets emotionally touched by her wonderful love confession. His words touch her heart. Juhi takes time to answer her feelings to Shashank. She finds the transition hard to accept.

Anjali gets too disturbed seeing their equations changing. Later on, Sid and Ishani accomplish Jessica and Jignesh’s marriage in Sanjivani. Shashank waits for Juhi to speak her heart out. Vardaan wants Anjali to create hurdles for them. Ishani finds Sid hurt. She wants to know what’s bothering him, why can’t they have a relationship. Sid doesn’t want to give her any answer. Ishani doesn’t give up hopes. Sid calls their friendship over, while Ishani thinks their love story is yet to begin.


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