Yeh Rishta Mystery Shocker reconnects Kartik Naira

Yeh Rishta Mystery Shocker reconnects Kartik Naira

Yeh Rishta Mystery Shocker reconnects Kartik Naira Kartik is surprised by Naira’s request. She asks him to take Kairav’s sole custody and call off the court case. She tells him that they won’t be facing the court now. He understands well that she is just thinking about Kairav. He respects her feelings. He tells her that since the case has been going on in the court, they have to finish it there. He tells her that he will talk to his lawyer. She gets worried that he isn’t withdrawing the case. He goes to meet Damini to call off the case proceedings. He is ready to make out of court settlement. Damini brings her ego in between. She feels like losing the case because of Kartik’s weak emotions.

She doesn’t listen to Kartik, which leads to their argument. She tells him that matter will end in the court in the same hearing. She wants to complete the proceedings and also settle scores with Naira. Kartik warns her against speaking badly with Naira. He expresses his decision to withdraw the case. Damini provokes his anger. Naira gets disheartened seeing Kartik in anger. She feels that he hasn’t forgiven her and he still wants to drag the matter to court. She doesn’t hear what he is instructing Damini.

Naksh tells her that Kartik didn’t respect her decision. He asks her not to hand over the custody to Kartik. Naira wants to secure Kairav’s happiness first. She goes to apologize to the judge for her sudden leaving. Damini raises questions on Naira’s abortion move again. She insults Naira so much that it gets tough for everyone to tolerate. She doesn’t think Naira has been successful in any relation. She tells them that Naira doesn’t deserve Kairav, since she is a careless mother and a bad human being. Naira gets moved by the serious allegations by Damini. Kartik takes Naira by surprise by supporting her in the court. He reacts angrily to put a stop to Damini’s humiliating words. Kartik warns Damini against speaking a word against Naira.

He shouts on his lawyer for going against his instruction. He tells the judge that he wants to withdraw the case, since he has accepted Naira’s decision. He apologizes to the court. He tells that he doesn’t want anyone to blame Naira or misjudge her for her decisions. He knows that Naira is a good person and successful in all the relations. He tells them that he wants to speak his heart out. He gets emotional while he apologizes to Naira for hurting her mentally. He believes that he is responsible for her mental trauma. He tells them that Naira is a good mum, but maybe he isn’t a good dad for Kairav.

He accepts that he has been fighting the case just to satisfy his ego. He tells that Naira has been protecting Kairav from sorrow, she is just thinking of their child. He tells that Naira has given him Kairav’s custody, and he wanted Damini to withdraw the case. He tells that Damini is getting her personal enmity in between. He accepts that he didn’t think of Kairav before, he was blind in anger. He tells that he wants Naira to take the custody back. He knows Naira is the best mom in the world. He tells that Naira has always looked after Kairav well. He admits that he has made many mistakes, but still she didn’t change herself.

He feels so sorry and guilty. The family members witnessing this get a big relief when Kartik gives Kairav’s custody to Naira. They also agree with Kartik. He doesn’t know the reason for Naira’s abortion consent. He feels he is responsible for it also. He wants to know the reason behind her decision, but doesn’t compel her. She breaks down after hearing his emotional words. She breaks the mystery and her silence about her decision to abort the child. She tells him that she was much helpless to decide for the abortion. She reveals that baby wasn’t growing in her womb, she was worried about the baby’s abnormality and decided to abort on the doctor’s advice.

She tells them that she changed her decision when she heard her baby’s call for survival. She tells that she had become a mother since the baby’s inception. She expresses her sufferings. Kartik connects with her pain. He is deeply hurt knowing the truth. He thinks he always misunderstood Naira. He shows his belief in her. Kairav tells Vansh that he doesn’t like Kartik fighting Naira and making her cry. He tells that Kartik is hurting his entire family. He doesn’t want to spare Kartik if he hurts Naira again. Kartik and Naira resolve the court case. Kairav gets mistaken when he watches his parents into the middle of an argument. Kairav wants them together as one happy family.

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