Kullfi Kumar Danger looms Sikandar releases Fateh

Kullfi Kumar Danger looms Sikandar releases Fateh

Kullfi Kumar Danger looms Sikandar releases Fateh Sikandar tries to avoid the test. Kulfi stays worried. Amyra asks her to be assured that Sikandar will get the test done. She tells that Sikandar is absolutely fine. Sikandar asks the doctor to lie to his family. Doctor doesn’t want to listen to him and cheat his profession. He suspects that Sikandar is really ill. Sikandar is asked to go for the MRI test. Doctor tells Kulfi that Sikandar’s reports will come in some time. Sikandar is afraid that the test results will hurt his daughters’ heart. Kulfi wants to know why is his dad so helpless to lie, why is he hurting Fateh so much. She knows he isn’t evil.

Sikandar undergoes the test and fears to face the results. His daughters await the results and pray that everything stays fine. Sikandar and Amyra get a huge shock when Kulfi turns critical suddenly. She gets bleeding badly. Sikandar gets Kulfi checked. Doctor tells him that this happens when children take blood thinner medicine. Sikandar realizes that Kulfi has consumed his medicine. He asks the doctor to save Kulfi. Doctor treats Kulfi. Sikandar unknowingly puts Kulfi in danger. Amyra questions Sikandar about Kulfi’s state. Sikandar curses himself. He hurts himself in anger. He learns that Kulfi has turned critical.

Doctors try to save Kulfi’s life. Sikandar prays for Kulfi’s well being. His prayers get answered. Kulfi turns stable. Doctor finds it a close escape. Sikandar meets Kulfi and apologizes to her. Doctor tells Sikandar that they need blood units for Kulfi. Sikandar wants to donate the blood to her. She refuses to accept his help. He asks the reason. He wants her to keep her complains for later. She demands him to share his test results with her. She tells him that its better if she dies, she doesn’t want to see his evil side. He gives a word that he will leave Fateh free. He gets worried when she turns unstable.

Sikandar donates the blood to Kulfi. Doctors struggle again and save her. Sikandar gets another problem when his test reports reach his loved ones. Doctor tells them about the reports, that Sikandar is fine. Sikandar manages to change the reports in the doctor’s absence. He doesn’t want Kulfi and Amyra to learn about his fatal illness. Kulfi gets peace with the good news. Jimmy suspects that Sikandar is behind Fateh’s kidnapping. He meets the cops to get help. Sikandar releases Fateh as per his promise to Kulfi. He asks Fateh to forgive him. Fateh rushes to his father.

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