Starplus Kaira Mishbir Ronakshi Upcoming twists

Starplus Kaira Mishbir Ronakshi Upcoming twists

Starplus Kaira Mishbir Ronakshi Upcoming twists Kartik and Naira play a basketball match for Kairav’s sake. They want to change Kairav’s mindset in favor of Kartik. Kairav gets to see a humble Kartik when the latter loses out intentionally on seeing Naira’s puppy face and lets her win the match. Kairav wants special moments of joy and fun in between his parents. Naira explains Kairav that Kartik is a wonderful person, who has passed in all his tests of life. Kartik doesn’t want to rush and convince Kairav. He plans to reveal his true loving and caring side to Kairav gradually. The family wants Kairav to know the truth that Kartik loved Naira a lot. Kairav wanted to win the match and defeat Kartik. His bitterness tends to get less.

Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke:
Mishti gets spying on Mehul. She loves Abir a lot. She feels it will be good if Mehul’s truth comes out early. She doesn’t want Abir to get big hopes which break badly when his dad’s truth comes out. Mehul reaches the village fair to know about Mehul’s past. She asks the people about Mehul and Meenakshi, by showing their pictures to the people at the temple. The people don’t identify Meenakshi and tell her about Mehul’s wife Parul. Pandit also helps her by revealing the truth. Mehul has already done much fraudulent things by using Abir’s name. Mishti wants to inform Abir about her findings.

Mishti gets a huge shock knowing Parul was wedding to Mehul and had a child Kunal. Mishti can’t tell this truth to Abir, which will shatter him. Lalita meets Mishti. She tells Mishti that she is Parul’s sister. She tells about Mehul’s evil, how he had cheated Parul and Meenakshi. Mishti asks Lalita to help her in exposing Mehul. Mehul will pose hurdles in Mishti’s plan and stop her from reaching Abir with the truth. She breaks down with the horrible truth. She wants to join hands with Parul and Meenakshi.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum:
Sonakshi and Rohit’s phone romance will be seen during their mehendi ceremony. Sonakshi challenges him to get the mehendi applied to his hands. Pooja plans a prank on Rohit. She gets Rohit’s hands coloured with mehendi, which makes him wear gloves to hide his hands from everyone. Pooja tells the funny truth to Sonakshi. Sonakshi gets a chance to pull Rohit’s leg and laugh. Veena compliments Sonakshi.



  1. Misbir separation…????what else in daily soaps can be expected…no couple is complete without separation and AnuPre r born to separate ????


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