Kahaan Hum Ishq SubhanAllah Muskaan Spoilers

Kahaan Hum Ishq SubhanAllah Muskaan Spoilers

Kahaan Hum Ishq SubhanAllah Muskaan Spoilers There has been many celebrations in the Sangeet. There will be much drama because of Rohit’s bachelors party. Sonakshi and Rohit’s cute banters will be seen. She imagines Rohit enjoying the dance with a girl in his bachelor’s party. Pooja informs Sonakshi about Rohit’s crazy party. Pooja gets mehendi applied to Rohit’s hand when he sleeps. Rohit gets shocked when he finds the mehendi. He will be looking ahead for the haldi with Sonakshi. Rastogis organize the haldi ceremony at their place. There will be twists for Ronakshi again.

Ishq SubhanAllah
Zara and Kabeer meet once again. Zara shows her bold side one again. She bashes up with goons. Kabeer also gets to her rescue unknowingly. The bad man is after Zara. Kabeer challenges the evil person. He protects Zara from his wrong motives. Kabeer teaches the man a lesson. He invites troubles and enmity for himself. He isn’t scared of anyone. He doesn’t have any willingness to live life without Zara. He doesn’t get scared of anything. Zara becomes Kabeer’s friend. She comes in his life and slowly he falls in love with her.

Muskaan isn’t aware that Ronak is raising her daughter. She is also raising her daughter, who was stolen by Sir ji. Ronak and Muskaan cross paths when their daughters get into a fight. Ronak misses to meet his other daughter. Muskaan bears the single parent pain to raise her daughter alone and misses Ronak a lot. Muskaan also falls in the dirt along with her daughter, who shouts at Ronak to not run like a coward and face them. Muskaan misses to see Ronak in the car. Ronak’s daughter asks him not to get into any fight and avoid the matter. Ronak agrees for her sake and goes away from the place, without noticing Muskaan’s presence. Muskaan and Ronak’s sweet love story will begin again.


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