Shakti Nimki Vidhayak Upcoming twists

Shakti Nimki Vidhayak Upcoming twists

Shakti Nimki Vidhayak Upcoming twists Dadi is kidnapped. Nimki gets threatened by the kidnappers, who want her to support Mishra. Nimki doesn’t care for the threatening. She doesn’t believe her. Mahua tells Nimki about the kidnappers. She tells that an old lady has saved her. The kidnappers send a video to Nimki. She gets moved on seeing Mintu’s Dadi. She is worried. Dadi gets angered on the kidnappers. Nimki doesn’t know how to inform Mintu. She makes a plan. Tunne wants Nimki to report against Shukla. Nimki doesn’t think its possible, since Shukla is the ruling minister. She wants to save Dadi. She knows Mintu loves his Dadi a lot.

Dadi tells the kidnappers that Mintu is very good hearted. Mahua asks Nimki to save Dadi’s life. Nimki can’t cheat Ganga. Tillu and Pichku are ready to kidnap someone from Nimki’s family to save Dadi as per the kidnappers’ condition. Dadi beats up the kidnappers, but fails to get free. Mahua doesn’t want Monu to go to school for some days. Nimki doesn’t want Monu to live in fear. Tillu tries to kidnap Mahua. Abhimanyu reaches Nimki to protect and help her. Tillu wants to save Dadi some how. Nimki finds Tillu at her house.

Tillu admits that he had come to kidnap Mahua so that he could save Dadi. Nimki is pressurized to give her vote to Shukla, instead Ganga. Tillu doesn’t know if Nimki will save Dadi by casting her vote to Shukla’s party.

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Harak Singh learns that Heer is a kinner. He can’t accept this truth. He gets drunk to shed tears on his fate. He didn’t expect Harman’s daughter to be a kinner. He takes a gun to kill Heer. He goes to Heer in order to shoot her. Heer begs him to spare her life. She doesn’t know the reason for Harak’s sudden hatred, since he had always loved her a lot. Heer calls her Gulabo for help. Her call reaches Soumya in the hospital. Soumya senses Heer in trouble. The scary thought of losing Heer brings her out of coma. Will Soumya be able to save Heer from Harak’s wrath? Keep reading.


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