Kulffi Kumar Bajewala Starplus Major shock for Kulfi

Kulffi Kumar Bajewala Starplus Major shock for Kulfi

Kulffi Kumar Bajewala Starplus Major shock for Kulfi Kulfi, Amyra and the chawl kids celebrate Diwali happily. They have innocent talks going on. Sandy calls Sikandar to inform him that Jimmy isn’t revealing anything about his business. Sikandar asks him to stay with Jimmy. He gets an idea when he watches Amyra tricking a kid. He fakes a call to Jimmy about his piracy business. Jimmy doesn’t get threatened. Sandy scares him that the caller maybe genuine. He asks him to secure his business and offers support.

Jimmy asks Sandy not to follow him. He goes alone to find out. Sandy tells him that his office can get raided as well. He informs Sikandar that Jimmy left from the office. He asks Sikandar to follow him. Sikandar tells Kulfi and Amyra about his new album work. He asks them to stay well until he returns. Sandy gives Jimmy’s location to Sikandar. Sikandar puts his phone on charging. Kulfi answers Sandy’s call. She doesn’t hear anything than the address. Sikandar worries that she answered the call. Sikandar gets prasad from Amyra. He doesn’t consume it in tension. Kulfi follows Sikandar and reaches the same place.

Sikandar asks Raju to find Jimmy. Jimmy tries to send the pirated CDs in the truck to store it safely. Raju takes a disguise of policeman. He stops the truck at check post and confiscates the pirated CDs. He informs Sikandar that he has taken the truck and contents into custody. Sikandar is sure that Jimmy will get ruined now. Sandy tells Sikandar that there is no one at Jimmy’s office. Sikandar pours the kerosene and burns the office. Kulfi looks at his misdeed and faints down by the shock. Sikandar feels her Diwali got better now since he has burnt Raavan’s Lanka. Jimmy learns that police has taken the truck into custody.

Raju calls Jimmy to blackmail him. Jimmy is ready to pay any price any get his pirated CDs back. Sikandar encourages himself. He tries to find Kulfi when he finds her missing at home. He looks for her. She feels bad seeing his dark side. She didn’t know that Sikandar is still hurting people and walking on the wrong path. What will Kulfi do to bring him to task? Keep reading.

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