Kulfii Kumar Baajewala Starplus Sikandar violent act

Kulfii Kumar Baajewala Starplus Sikandar violent act

Kulfii Kumar Baajewala Starplus Sikandar violent act Sikandar gets Raju at work, while inspector Tejaswini secretly follows him. Kulfi and the chawl kids insist Sikandar to sing and teach them music. Sikandar refuses to them. He doesn’t want to insult music. He can’t sing when his heart isn’t clean like before. Kulfi insists him to play some music. He gets into his old memories on getting his guitar in hand. He recalls his crimes and behaves strange. His behavior shocks Kulfi. Kulfi hugs him to calm him down. She fails to understand his problems. She asks him to forget everything and sing a song.

Kulfi urges Sikandar to sing a melodious duet like before. Tejaswini is sure to find proofs against Sikandr and his aide Raju. Raju finds Tejaswini tracking him. He runs for his life. Kulfi sings the song and prompts Sikandar to sing. He reacts violently. He breaks the guitar. Kulfi gets puzzled. He hurts himself and wants to become strong again. He doesn’t want to forget that he is going to die. He wants to rush with his plans. Kulfi wants to sing songs and remind good things to Sikandar once again. Sikandar fights with his illness. Kulfi has no idea about his illness. She wants her answers.


She decides to visit the Gurudwara to make prayers for him. Sikandar doesn’t want Kulfi to see his fragile state and learn his illness. He acts to be sleeping when she comes inside the house. Kulfi knows he isn’t happy at heart. She is aware of his lies and wrong activities. She doesn’t want to get annoyed with him. She wants to support him always. She gets emotional. She wants him to recognize his goodness and not harm anyone. She wants to restore his goodness. Raju calls Sikandar to inform him. Sikandar answers the call.

Raju tells him that police is after him. He asks Sikandar to save him. He is worried for his children. Sikandar assures that he will save him some how. Kulfi feels he is going to do something wrong again. She stops him from going. She asks him to take her along or not go anywhere. She wants things to get fine like before. Sikandar can’t take her along. She emotionally influences him. He tells her that he has to rush for important work. His violent reaction leaves Kulfi hurt. He regrets his actions. Raju meets Sikandar to confront him. He doesn’t want to take the risk alone.

He asks Sikandar why didn’t he come to save him. Sikandar faces Raju’s wrath. Raju misunderstands him. He feels Sikandar’s friendship is fake. Sikandar clears his misunderstandings. He reveals about Kulfi coming in his way and getting hurt. Kulfi looks for Sikandar. She learns about the route open to visit the Gurudwara. Himmat also decides to visit and get peace in her restless heart. She has much devotion. Sikandar loses his good friend Raju due to the misunderstanding. Sikandar appears selfish to Raju. Sikandar fails to explain himself. Kulfi finds Sikandar into a clash with Raju. Kulfi gets help and guidance from Himmat.

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