YRKKH Tujhse Hai Raabta Upcoming Spoilers

Tujhse Raabta heartbreaking twists Shakti final leaving

YRKKH Tujhse Hai Raabta Upcoming Spoilers Kartik returns home. Kairav hugs him and unites again. He tells Kartik that he was missing him a lot. The Goenkas want an answer from Vedika. They want to know the kidnapper chapter and why did Vedika shout Kartik’s name. The confusion has to get cleared. Kartik tells the family that Vedika got kidnapped and was calling him to get help, while police assumed he is the kidnapper. He is happy that she is safe. Vedika thanks Naira for saving her life. Naira tells Vedika that she got help from a friendly good-natured guy. She tells that the guy helped her in finding Vedika and rescuing her.

She introduces Vedika’s Ex to the family as the same person who helped her in finding Vedika. Vedika is shell shocked. She gets speechless to say anything. She wants to confide the truth as soon as possible. The guy tries to be around Vedika by acting good. Kartik and Naira fall in his trap. Naira suspects the guy, when she finds Vedika tensed. Will Vedika reveal her past truth? Keep reading.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Anupriya makes prayers for her daughter’s well being. She wishes Kalyani finds Moksh. Aao Saheb and Anupriya do Tulsi puja and them immerse the plant inside the lake. Kalyani and Malhar rush to the lake side. They ask Anupriya to stop the rituals. Malhar is much injured. He bears the pain and stops the immersion of Tulsi Kund. The family asks the reason for his move. Malhar gains courage to lift the Kund on his shoulders, which leads his wound to bleed. Malhar gets into his heroic avatar again.

Malhar had fought Aahir to know about his son. They get Moksh out of the Kind. Kalyani tells them that Aahir had hidden Moksh inside the Kund to kill him. Malhar and Kalyani hug Moksh. They have worked hard to reach their son. Malhar apologizes to Kalyani for all the troubles. The family rejoices that their prayers got fulfilled and they got Moksh back.

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