Nimki Vidhayak Jadu Jinn Upcoming Spoilers

Nimki Vidhayak Jadu Jinn Upcoming Spoilers

Nimki Vidhayak Jadu Jinn Upcoming Spoilers Nimki has a big heart. She plans to get Anaro home. Tunne asks her not to get Anaro home and meet her at the hospital. Nimki tells them that she is just informing them so that they stay alert. She doesn’t want their permission. Anaro has recovered. The family tells that Anaro can remember that she lost her son and can take revenge on Babbu. Nimki feels Anaro is her responsibility. Mintu visits Nimki’s house. He is falling in love with her. He overhears Nimki’s conversation with her family. He doesn’t know her life’s backstory, the crimes and tortures done by Babbu Singh. He doesn’t know that his face reminds Nimki of Babbu’s big crime.

He doesn’t want her to worry. He makes his own place in her life. Mintu’s entry stuns the family. Mintu gets into Babbu’s act to scare Chachi. He bursts into laughter. He asks them to decide if he is Mintu or Babbu. Nimki tells him that Mintu isn’t like Babbu. Monu gets scared seeing Mintu. Nimku pacifies Monu. She makes the tensed moment into a funny one. She tells him that Mintu is different from Babbu. Nimki will also be falling for Mintu. Abhimanyu hopes that Nimki settles in her life with Mintu.

Nimki Vidhayak Jadu Jinn Ka Upcoming Spoilers Today Aman leaves Roshni on the roads. She goes to Salma’s house and shares her sorrow. Saima gets troubled by the MMS. Saima asks her to come home as soon as possible. Roshni is blocked by Aman. She enters the house by the window. She meets Saima and asks the matter. Saima shows her the MMS and tells her that someone is blackmailing her. Roshni asks her to know the demands of the blackmailer. Saima tells her that Aman and family will never forgive her. Saima tells that the person is demanding 5 crores. Raakh Jinn enters the house once again to plant the well painting. Roshni hides from Aman. She wants to find some solution.


Aman sights Roshni. He is much angry on her. He tells Dadi that Roshni doesn’t deserve to be with them, she is really bad and should leave. Dadi asks him not to create a scene and come in the party. Sameer meets the family when he comes for the function. Sameer tries to meet Roshni. Sameer has sent the MMS to trouble Saima. Roshni gets attacked by the well painting once again. Aman finds Roshni risking her life to save Chotu.

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