Kundali Bhagyya Karan heroic entry stuns Prithvi

Kundali Bhagyya Karan heroic entry stuns Prithvi

Kundali Bhagyya Karan heroic entry stuns Prithvi Shrishti tells Prithvi about the video she had shot for Sarla’s sake. He realizes that she has recorded his promise to Preeta. He gets badly trapped. She tells him that he can remember the promise and fulfill it. He tells her that he would always keep his promise because of his liking for Preeta. He lies that his love for Preeta is true. She doesn’t believe him. She tells him that she doubts on his sweet behavior. He asks her to think anything according to her mental capabilities. She tells him that he can prove himself right by backing out from the marriage. He wants revenge on Preeta and her family.

He is hopeful that he will marry Preeta by hook or crook. He tells them that Sarla will be facing death and then Preeta will beg him for the marriage. Mahira is glad seeing the engagement function decorations. She awaits Karan. She learns that Karan and Rishabh went for some important work. Kareena wants to know where did they go together. Rakhi realizes that they have gone to Preeta’s wedding. She tries to cover up for her sons’ absence. Mahira wants to know the truth. Kritika asks her not to try to call Karan and spy on him. Mahira gets upset. Rakhi wishes that Karan realizes Preeta’s worth and accepts her as his wife.

Prithvi gets ready with his plans. He wants to feed the drugs to Sarla. He thinks Sarla will be critical and then compel Preeta for the marriage. He meets Sarla and tells her that he wanted to talk to her. He tries to make excuses to feed the water to Sarla. She drinks the water to taste it. He waits for her to collapse. He doesn’t refuse for the marriage. He tells him that she can do the arrangements for his comfort. He tells her that his focus is on the marriage. She consumes the water from the bottle completely to please him on his insistence. He waits for her to faint down. He wants her to bear the pain for his happiness.

Karan and Rishabh try to get saved from Shrishti’s sight. Shrishti follows Karan, who runs upstairs to meet Preeta. Rishabh calls Shrishti to mislead her. She tells him about Preeta’s marriage. Prithvi gets a shocker when he sees Karan. Karan tells him that he has come to break the marriage. Prithvi didn’t expect to come. Karan tells him that he won’t repeat his mistake. Prithvi questions his motives for coming. Karan leaves him to think. Prithvi tells him that nothing can happen now, the marriage will eventually happen. Karan confuses him. Prithvi tells him that he will never leave Preeta, since he is clear about his feelings.

He tells that Karan was always confused about his love. He asks Karan not to get his enmity between Preeta and his relationship. Karan warns him not to anger him. Prithvi gets glad to see Karan in tension. Karan claims that Preeta is his wife. Prithvi tells Karan that Preeta is not mad like Karan, she had taken the right decision of marriage. Karan wants Prithvi to leave and not marry Preeta. Prithvi asks him why is he claiming rights on his wife, why is he marrying Mahira then. He tells him that Sarla wants Preeta to marry him (Prithvi).

After a long argument between them, Karan determines to meet Preeta and convince her for calling off the marriage. He doesn’t know that Preeta isn’t willing to marry. Prithvi challenges Karan to do anything to stop the marriage.

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  1. You full the people. From last 2 years the serial is on the same path. So stop this nonsense. Only 2 people can full others. Stop this nonsense for trp.

  2. Really very boring and bad serial i dont know how it’s getting good TRP, it should not. Since long the same track is going on


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