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Kumkum Bhagya Zee5 Abhigya Romance Twists Priyanka wants to kill Rishi. He gets fortunate to get saved. He attends Sarita. Sarita blesses him. He tells her that he will sleep in her room to be at her bedside to look after her. Priyanka gets enraged. She doesn’t want to miss her target. Rhea clears to her friend that Ranbir got angry when she confronted him about Prachi. She is sure that Ranbir can never fall for a middle class Prachi. She tells her friend that Ranbir will never cheat her. She clears her doubts. Abhi fails to enjoy the party, just like Aaliya. She complains to him about Pragya.

She tells him that Pragya didn’t change yet. She tells that Pragya hates her a lot and always expresses. Abhi and Pragya have a moment when they dance on the romantic song. Pragya hopes he understands her. She is fed up with their misunderstandings growing up always. Abhi distances himself. Purab and Disha also get into a moment when they swap partners and dance. Aaliya gets mad to see them happy. She hurts herself in a fit of rage. Rhea finally meets Ranbir. She finds him drunk. She hears him saying the truth from his heart.

She gets glad when he praises her. Ranbir tells Aryan that he likes Rhea a lot, his mood gets better when he sees her. He also adds that he gets upset whenever Prachi irritates him. Ranbir wants to date Rhea. She gets happy on hearing him. She doesn’t want him to talk about Prachi. Priyanka wants to attack Rishi in a way that he doesn’t survive the attack. She unknowingly attacks Madhu. Madhu shouts to Rishi to get help. She gets injured. Rishi finds Madhu hurt. Madhu thinks a guy had hurt her. She doesn’t know that Priyanka was the attacker. Priyanka wants to attack again and kill Rishi.

Meanwhile, Purab apologizes to Disha for his behavior. She tells him that Aaliya is insulting her over their meetings. She doesn’t want complications in her life. She better suggests him to be away. Ranbir tells Aryan that Rhea likes him and she will never doubt him. He tells that Rhea wanted him to befriend Prachi. He clears that there is nothing between Prachi and him. Aryan wants to help him get rid of intoxication. Aaliya corners Disha to reprimand her about her closeness with Purab. Disha argues with her over her rights on Purab.

She tells Aaliya that she left Purab by her own decision. She doesn’t want Aaliya to insult her further. She asks Aaliya to stop Purab from meeting her. Aaliya feels Disha is crossing her limits. She threatens Disha of dire consequences. Disha asks her to clear her mind first. Aaliya suggests her to marry someone and leave Purab. Disha asks Aaliya not to blame her for wrong things. Disha gets provoked. She tells Aaliya that she will snatch Purab from her. She challenges Aaliya to save her marriage if she can. Aaliya calls her incapable to save her marriage.

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  1. Dear writers of Kum Kum Bhagya why does it take so long for Abi to knows that Prachi is his daughter.Also for Pragya and Abi to meet. They bypassed each other in such near proximity. It’s amazing that they both don’t see each other.Please explain.

  2. The show is becoming a total failure all because they want to prolong it. If the writers don’t have anything to write again, they should just wrap up the show. I so much loved Kumkum Bhagya, but right now I can’t even stand it anymore.

    Rubbish show. The show is a waste of data and time. I wish the organisers of the show can see this comment.


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