Yeh Rishta Nimki Vidhayak Upcoming Spoilers

Yeh Rishta Nimki Vidhayak Upcoming Spoilers

Yeh Rishta Nimki Vidhayak Upcoming Spoilers Kartik and Naira confess love to each other. Vedika witnesses their confession. She is stressed. She reminds Naira that she is Kartik’s wife. She distances Naira once again. Kartik and Naira are sure of their feelings now that they want to get back together as a couple. Kartik wants to divorce Vedika. He wants Naira as his wife. Kartik finds romantic moments with Naira by hiding their relation from the family. Naira doesn’t want to upset the family by their secret romance. Kartik wants to declare his love for Naira. He promises to sort their problems.

Kartik proposes Naira once again with lots of love. They both are thankful to Vedika for saving their child. They don’t want to do wrong with Vedika. They know that giving false hope to Vedika will be unfair, since Kartik can never love Vedika. Vedika gets depressed. She just loved Kartik. She doesn’t want to lose him.

Nimki Vidhayak:
Nimki informs Mintu that his Dadi is recovering and can live a normal life. Mintu hugs her and tells her that he got indebted to her. He tells that she owns him now. He feels very happy that Dadi is fine. Nimki asks him to take rest. She goes to complete the formalities. Parag wants to address the people in the press conference.

Ganga gets angry on Surekha. She doesn’t want the media home. She wants Parag to take her permission first. She asks him why is he dreaming to get her place. He tells her that he didn’t get her love, now he will become like her and fool people. She asks him not to disrespect her. She wants to stop him from succeeding. Nimki meets Anaro. She asks him what happened to her. Anaro asks her about Babbu. She asks her to spare her son when she has taken revenge on her husband. Nimki gets scared and runs out to the doctor. She tells that Anaro has regained her memory. Doctor tells her that its a good news.

She goes to check Anaro and finds her behaving mad again. She tells Nimki that Anaro will need time to recover completely, maybe, she is getting memory flashes. She suggests Nimki to remind Anaro about the family and take Anaro home for her fast recovery. Mahua doesn’t find Nimki in her room. She looks for Nimki. Parag is angry when the press reporters don’t turn up at his home. Nimki thinks of Anaro. She tells the family that she is thinking to bring Anaro home. Mahua and Tunne oppose her decision, knowing Anaro’s evil. Nimki doesn’t change her decision.

Kumkum Bhagya


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