Rishte Pyaar Love triangle begins with Nishant’s entry

Rishte Pyaar Love triangle begins with Nishant's entry

Rishte Pyaar Love triangle begins with Nishant’s entry Mishti plans a new surprise for the family. She calls Nishant home. She tells him that Maheshwaris will be totally surprised seeing him. Mishti and Kuhu were the ones who knew that he has arrived from London. Nishant and Mishti make a plan. Kuhu gets beaten up by the family as a welcome gift. Mishti fools the family that a thief has entered the house. The family looks for the thief. Mishti wanted to introduce Nishant aka Nannu, Jasmeet’s son at the same time. The family bashes up the thief to teach a lesson. Nishant laughingly makes an entry and tells them that there is no thief in the house. He can’t believe it that they have bashed up Kuhu.

Kuhu beats him for his mischief. Nannu brings happiness in the family. Jasmeet recalls the lovely childhood of Nannu. Nishant comes back home as an educated, sensible and charming guy. Nishant is Mishti’s childhood friend. Abir, Mishti and Nishant’s love story will be seen. Nishant, an NRI who wants to invest in good projects. He believes in Mishti blindly. He likes her a lot. Maheshwaris want Mishti to stay happy. Abir comes across Nishant when he meets him for the business purpose.

Nishant introduces his girlfriend. He also introduce his business partner Mishti to Abir, which leaves Abir shocked. Maheshwaris are happy that Mishti and Nannu joined the family again. Abir doesn’t know that Nishant is Jasmeet’s son. He thinks Mishti has moved on in life with a new guy, Nishant. He assumes him to be Mishti’s boyfriend seeing their strong friendship. The jealousy track will be seen. Abir connects with Nishant’s project to connect with Mishti. Will Nishant play a cupid for Abir and Mishti’s love story? Keep reading to know more on this show.

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