Kulfi Starplus Sikandar big secret Lovely confronts truth

Kulfi Starplus Sikandar big secret Lovely confronts truth

Kulfi Starplus Sikandar big secret Lovely confronts truth Lovely learns the truth that Sikandar is critically ill. She didn’t imagine this would happen. Sikandar apologizes to Kulfi that he isn’t able to live with her. He feels sorry that he is going to leave her forever just like Nimrat. He asks Kulfi to forgive her. He wanted to spend his life with his family. He feels that his fate has been unjust with him. Kulfi asks him to believe in fate and Lord. She has a belief that nothing can happen to him. He tells her that he can die at any time. She asks him to just positive and not think of his death again. He asks her to hide the truth from Amyra and Lovely.

He is sure that Amyra can’t handle the ugly truth. She wants to meet his doctor before going home. Lovely thinks what is she doing in the chawl when Jimmy returned everything to Sikandar. She thinks why is Sikandar doing this. She comes back to the chawl. She gets angered seeing Amyra playing with the chawl kids. She gets the same envelope. When she checks it, she learns about Sikandar’s illness. She cries that Sikandar is dying. On the other hand, Kulfi meets the doctor and takes Sikandar’s medicines for the emergency purpose. She doesn’t want him to lose hope. She learns about Dr. David who is the last hope for Sikandar.

She learns that David attends medical camps and connects with people. She thinks to meet David. Sikandar and Kulfi return home. Himmat gets delighted to find Kulfi away. She apologizes to Kulfi. Amyra is happy that they are back. Lovely hugs Sikandar and tells him that she misses him. She wants him to talk to her. She finds him happy and wants to know if he is really dying. Sikandar tells Raju that Kulfi got to know the truth. Kulfi hugs Lovely. Sikandar tells that Kulfi has a belief that nothing will happen to him. Sikandar and Kulfi take pictures.

Lovely asks Sikandar about his illness. She tells him that he shouldn’t hide anything, she will take him to the best doctors and get him treated. She asks him to be strong. She cries a lot. He gets emotional. He lies that the reports are of someone else, not him. Lovely and Amyra bond with Kulfi nicely, which surprises Sikandar. He is happy to see his family tied up in a strong bond. Kulfi learns that Sikandar may survive for a month only. She wants to meet David and save Sikandar’s life. Will David agree to operate Sikandar’s tumour surgery? Keep reading.

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  1. I wish for them all to have a great bond and live happily. Kulfi and Sikander and Amyra must go on singing. Their songs are amazing and sweet. They must have great shows and invite the whole world to witness. Thank you.


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