Kumkum Bhagya Tonight Rhea declaration for Prachi

Kumkum Bhagyaa Quick Snips Rhea makes a decision

Kumkum Bhagya Tonight Rhea declaration for Prachi Aaliya gets into a terrible mood when Purab and Daasi talk about Disha. Aaliya gets angry on the mere mention about Pragya. Purab confronts Aaliya about the accident. He doubts that she did this intentionally. He tells her that he isn’t cheating her, since he is married to her. Aaliya confronts him for stating his decision to leave her. He swears to not forgive her if anything happens to Disha. Pragya comes home and meets Sarita. She hears Sarita complaining about children. Pragya pacifies her. Rishi wants to share about Priyanka with Pragya.

Pragya finds him worried. Pragya wants to get some clue about Priyanka. Rhea and her friends make party plan. Rhea wants to be with Aaliya and spend time. She meets Prachi. She scolds Prachi for her move. She gives the news that Aaliya is home after the bail. She vents anger and threatens to ruin Prachi’s life. Prachi doesn’t care for Rhea. Meanwhile, Sanju feels proud of himself that he would be marrying Prachi and making her lucky. He tells his friend that he loves Prachi and didn’t see any girl since then. His friend tells him that its one sided love.

Sanju agrees to him remark. He wants to befriend Prachi first by some way. His friend gives him advice. He is ready to become Prachi’s neighbor and befriend her. Sanju gets blackmailed by the waiter. The waiter demands 10 lakhs. Prachi meets Ranbir. She recalls his blunder. Ranbir doesn’t want to hear her lecture. He clarifies about his mistake. She asks him if he has stolen the question papers. He denies it. He tells her that he can never support any friend like that, he doesn’t do anything wrong ever. He makes stories to fool her.

She apologizes to him after hearing his stories. Pragya looks for Priyanka’s diary. Shahana helps her. Vikram enquires about Ranbir. Dida and Pallavi handle him. Ranbir hides from Vikram. Prachi knows it well. She tells him that he would be hiding from Vikram to cover up some matter. He wants to drop her home.

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