Muskaan Star Bharat Spoilers Ronak Muskaan face off

Muskaan Meri Gudiya Spoilers Star Bharat

Muskaan Star Bharat Spoilers Ronak Muskaan face off Muskaan takes Roshni to the school. Sir ji sends the taxi for them. Roshni insists Muskaan to come with her. Sir ji watches them from far. Nisha accompanies Ronak to the school. She is tensed that Muskaan and Ronak can come face to face. Muskaan teaches her students. She asks Khushi why didn’t she attend classes regularly. Khushi tells her that Nisha doesn’t like her and also the school, she wants to change her school. She asks Muskaan to talk to Nisha. Muskaan thinks she should have gone to Khushi’s house and meet her parents. Ronak speaks to the principal, who praises Mira/Muskaan. She asks the peon to go and call Mira to her cabin.

Nisha imagines Ronak and Muskaan’s union. Muskaan goes to the principal’s cabin. Khushi sees Roshni sitting outside. Roshni realizes that Ronak and Khushi are related. She asks Khushi about Ronak. Khushi tells that Ronak is her dad. Roshni tells that Ronak is her friend. She tells that her parents threw her on the road. Khushi tells that her parents are very loving. Roshni misses her parents. Khushi asks Roshni to come with her. Roshni runs away. Guard tells Muskaan that Roshni has run out of the school. Muskaan goes to find her. Nisha fakes a fainting drama to leave from the school.

She asks Ronak to take her home. Muskaan saves Roshni from the big fall. She scolds Roshni for risking her life always. She tells that she is her caring friend. Nisha sees Muskaan there. She doesn’t let Ronak see Muskaan. Ronak wonders why is she behaving weird. He takes her home. Nisha fakes a fall to get his help. Principal angrily scolds Muskaan for not meeting Khushi’s parents. She asks Muskaan to fix a meeting with Khushi’s dad. Sir ji buys Gajra for Muskaan. Roshni makes Muskaan ready for the performance. This breaks down Muskaan. Muskaan tries to connect to Ronak, while Nisha hinders.

Ronak and Nisha take Khushi to the park. Muskaan happens to come there to meet Khushi’s dad. She gets a huge surprise on seeing Ronak. She runs to meet Ronak. She was finding him since long. She is shocked to see Ronak with his wife Nisha. She stops herself from going to him. She faces the inner dilemma. She is happy to see him, but is upset that she isn’t with him. She tries to hold on her emotions.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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  1. I want to see ronak and muskan together like before I don’t like to see muskan is trying to fight with sirji alone and ronak is lonely and teary please reunit them and exclude nisha from the show

  2. Please don’t pull episode,now let the muskan & Ronak meet each other.Nisha is good and pretty,but only muskan matches with Ronak. Sarji’s torches too much now bring some twist in this episode.


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