Beyhadh 2 Upcoming Promo Maya Mrityunjay face off

Beyhadh 2 Upcoming Promo Maya Mrityunjay face off

Beyhadh 2 Upcoming Promo Maya Mrityunjay face off Maya plays her first move and traps Rishi. Rishi gets madly in love with her. She strikes his heart, knowing he is not so wise like Rudra. Rishi meets Maya to propose her. Maya tells him that she had been waiting for this day since years. Rishi proposes Maya for marriage. She appears happy to him and accepts the proposal. Rishi gets on cloud nine that she has finally accepted his proposal. He wants to marry her, since its love at first sight for him. Maya plays mind games with Rudra. Rudra clears to her that he doesn’t want her richness or her. She wants to become his first and last need, without making him realize.

She wants to weaken Rudra by trapping him in love too. Maya has a past with Mrityunjay. She identifies him by his foot steps. She hides from him to keep her plans a secret. She doesn’t want to give any choice to Rudra and Rishi. She wants them to choose her than Mrityunjay. Maya doesn’t want to meet Mrityunjay’s wife. She wants to sacrifice Rishi in her big battle. Rishi wants to die if he loses Maya. Mrityunjay wants to invite Rudra’s investor in the party and know who is the one investing in the low profits company.

Maya makes a stunning entry in the party. Rudra tells Rishi that everyone is waiting to meet his girlfriend. Maya decides to play with Rishi’s heart to fight Mrityunjay. She wants to shock Mrityunjay and gets her first victory. Her hatred takes a new turn when she reaches close to Mrityunjay. Who will be Maya targeting? Maya will attempt to kill Mrityunjay’s wife Antara by sinking her in the pool. Antara will survive the attack.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 3/5
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