Patiala Babes Neil Mini team up Muskaan Highlights

Patiala Babes Neil Mini team up Muskaan Highlights

Patiala Babes Neil Mini team up Muskaan Highlights Neil Oberoi will be making an entry in Mini’s life. He is a chef and wants things to be perfect. He visits a chaat stall. He troubles the vendor. He shows his cooking skills to the man. He makes perfect Bhelpuri for himself. He teaches the man. He puts efforts in everything he goes to give it a good blend. He asks some kids to taste the chaat and tell him if they liked it. He wants the little kids to judge the food. He tells that he won’t charge them. He believes that they will give the right judgement. He meets Arya, who also likes the Bhelpuri.

Mini wants to save Babita’s restaurant by finding a perfect cook who can make delicious food to attract the customers. She takes test of many cooks to find the perfect cook. Arya likes the kheer cooked by Neil. Neil is the new chef who comes to Mini’s rescue. He tells Mini that he is unique and doesn’t copy anyone. Mini finds him oversmart. She tries to be the confident boss. She messes up things like always. He hires Neil. They start working together to help the restaurant sustain. Mini selects him as the new chef for Patiala Babes. Will Neil help Mini and solve her problems? Keep reading.


Mami tells Nisha that they have done wrong to show Ronak to Muskaan. Nisha tells her that she is worried of Ronak’s anger on her big lie. She doesn’t want to lose Ronak. Mami assures to make a solid plan to get rid of Muskaan. Nisha is worried that Muskaan will come home. Sir ji meets Muskaan and tells her that she has to dance in Dev’s marriage. Muskaan refuses to him. He threatens her about Roshni. Muskaan gets compelled. He asks Roshni to make Muskaan ready.

Muskaan wants Roshni to listen to her. Roshni doesn’t want to leave Babu ji, whom she trusts a lot. Muskaan is sure that Ronak will win Roshni’s heart by love. Nisha tells Mami that she is going for important work. Mami understands that Nisha is going to meet Muskaan. Muskaan wants to meet Ronak once. Roshni tells her that Ronak drops Khushi to the school. She tells that Khushi is a nice girl like Muskaan. Roshni asks Muskaan why does she always make relations. Muskaan tells that Khushi is like Roshni’s sister. Muskaan wants Roshni to love Ronak. Gayatri looks for Nishi.

Khushi tells that Nisha went to get a gift for her. Nisha reaches Muskaan. She hugs Muskaan and cries a lot. She pays respect and tells that she is Ronak’s wife. She wants Muskaan to take back her rights. Nisha tells Muskaan that Ronak loves her (Nisha) a lot, his heart melted when she took good care of Khushi. She misleads Muskaan to stop her from meeting Ronak. Muskaan tells about Roshni, Ronak’s daughter. Nisha shows her true colours. Nisha insults Muskaan for her affair. Muskaan slaps Nisha in anger. Nisha gives an open challenge to Muskaan. She asks Muskaan to win Ronak if she can.



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