Kumkum Bhagyaa Quick Snips Rhea makes a decision

Kumkum Bhagyaa Quick Snips Rhea makes a decision

Kumkum Bhagyaa Quick Snips Rhea makes a decision Prachi love twists Pragya tries to know about Ranbir’s feelings for Prachi. He tells her that he is confused about his feelings. She asks him to tell the percentage. He tells that its 50-50. She recalls Prachi’s words who also gave a similar word. Abhi jokes on Vikram’s age and white hair. Vikram asks Abhi not to be proud of his young looks. They have a cute leg-pulling. Praya doesn’t see Abhi while leaving from Mehra mansion. She is glad to meet Pallavi. Pallavi asks him to come for dinner and get Prachi along. Pragya wants to get Prachi’s alliance for Ranbir. Ranbir doesn’t know why he is visualizing Prachi when he is thinking of Rhea.

He gets Prachi’s anklet and thinks of it. Prachi is upset that Ranbir scolded her on the call. Shahana asks her to be thankful that Ranbir saved her. Prachi doesn’t want to talk about him. Rhea thinks to talk to Ranbir. Prachi tells that she Isn’t interested in Ranbir. Rhea plans to get close to Ranbir by getting involved in his life. Pragya returns home and tells Sarita about her meeting with Ranbir. She tells that Ranbir loves Prachi, but doesn’t realize it. She wants both of them to realize their love.

She is sure that Prachi will be happy in Ranbir’s family. She thinks of her other daughter’s life. She tells Sarita that she wants a guy like Ranbir for her other daughter also. Sarita asks does she want both her daughtes to fall for Ranbir. Pragya tells that she wants Ranbir for Prachi, and a nice guy like him for her other daughter. She tells that Ranbir will soon realize his feelings and confess it to Prachi. Ranbir realizes her feelings for Prachi. Disha and Purab will be meeting, while Aaliya will be furious about them. Abhi and Pragya will also come face-to-face because of Prachi.

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Kumkum Bhagya


  1. The show is running for so long time …. please forward the show or bring an end to the show .it’s too much dramatic …


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