Kulfii Kumarr Evil attack Shocking news for Kulfi

Kulfii Kumarr Evil attack Shocking news for Kulfi

Kulfii Kumarr Evil attack Shocking news for Kulfi Kulfi wants Lovely to give the consent for the surgery so that Dr. Shepherd saves Sikandar. Lovely plays an evil trick for her profits. Lovely tells that she can’t take the one percent chance to lose his rest of the days. She tells that she will take Sikandar home and spend time with him. Amyra also feels that Lovely is right, if Sikandar is operated right now, the failed surgery may kill him right away. Kulfi tells them that nothing such will happen and its her belief that he will survive. Lovely doesn’t listen at all. Kulfi goes to Sikandar and convinces him to get the surgery done. Sikandar agrees to her and hugs her.

He asks Amyra and Kulfi to remember his lessons, they should be united, they are one family and not let anyone break them apart. He tells them that they should be closely bonded, their life should be great, they should write their own fate. He tells that he loves them a lot. Doctor takes him for the surgery. Sikandar gets emotional thinking its his final moment with them. Amyra cries a lot in fear. Kulfi tells her that he will be fine soon. Amyra tells her that she will not forgive her if Sikandar dies because of the surgery. Kulfi assures her the positive outcome. Sikandar sees his daughters’ pictures.

He tells the doctor that he will cooperate and fight with the death for his daughters’ sake. He goes for the surgery. Kulfi worries when the temple diya blows off. She prays for Sikandar. Doctor feels dizzy suddenly in the middle of the surgery. He wonders what’s happening to him. Lovely cries and recalls her evil that she had spiked the doctor’s coffee to intoxicate him. She tells that she wants Sikandar to die for Amyra’s sake. She feels sorry to kill Sikandar this way. Kulfi sings the Raag Deepak to get the lamp lighting again.

She prays for Sikandar and gets the blessings. Lovely is shocked seeing Kulfi’s firm determination and belief. Kulfi wants Sikandar to get fine. Sikandar’s successful surgery comes as a good news for everyone. He gets fine and urges to see his daughters. Doctor gets Amyra and Kulfi to Sikandar. They get another shock when they find Sikandar missing. Did Lovely get Sikandar kidnapped? Keep reading.

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