Yeh Rishta Biggest fraud for Kaira Vedika fakes it all

Biggest fraud for Kaira Vedika fakes it all
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Yeh Rishta Biggest fraud for Kaira Vedika fakes it all Kartik gets emotional while talking to his ladylove Naira. He tells her that her life means a lot to him and he can pay any price for her. He is much disheartened that Vedika is asking him for his happiness in such a time when she can see Naira battling for life. He tells her that even if he gets compelled to get away from her, he will always love her. He promises lifetime togetherness to Vedika to save Naira. His heart longs for Naira. Doctors take Naira to the OT. Vedika goes to meet Pallavi. She tells her that Kartik has agreed to her condition so soon.

She thanks Pallavi for giving her such an idea. She feels Pallavi really cares for her happiness. She tells that she is content that she is able to save Naira’s life, which will make her guilt less. She tells Pallavi that she is ready to donate her kidney. Pallavi tells her a shocking truth. Vedika tells her that she can’t cheat Kartik. Pallavi fakes the kidney match truth to make Goenkas fall in Vedika’s feet. Pallavi finds a donor for Naira and projects Vedika as the donor just to make Kartik accept Vedika as his wife. Pallavi’s master plan gets known to Vedika, who isn’t willing to oppose it.

Pallavi asks Vedika to keep it a secret. Gayu, Samarth and Vansh pacify little Kairav who prays for Naira’s well-being. Vansh handles Kairav maturely like an elder brother, which pleases Samarth and Gayu. Kartik gets stuck between his duties towards Naira and Vedika. He wishes both of them to stay fine. He wants to see Naira revived. Doctor asks Kartik to give his consent for the operation. Kairav and entire family pray for Naira together while she is taken to the OT for the surgery. Kartik tells that he is Vedika’s husband but Naira is also family to him. He signs both the forms. Dadi understands his dilemma and sorrow.

She feels sympathy for her grandson. Suwarna tells her that once Naira gets fine, they will get Kartik and Naira married, so that happiness returns in their lives. Kartik knows that this is not possible now, he can never marry Naira since he has promised Vedika. Pallavi thinks its the first fraud she is doing with a patient and her family. She feels guilty but goes ahead. She informs the family that the surgery is successful and Vedika is fine. She doesn’t like to mention about Naira. Kartik and family enquires about Naira.

She realizes that Kartik is just worried for Naira. She is angry and wants Kartik to value Vedika. She tells that Naira didn’t get conscious till now. Kairav gets adamant to talk to Kartik. He calls Kartik and asks about Naira. Kartik asks Kairav to pray for Naira. Kairav tells that he is awaiting his parents’ marriage. Kartik rushes to meet Naira. He feels sorry to be so helpless. He can’t face her to reveal the truth. Naira and Vedika get conscious on the next morning. Naira learns about Vedika’s kidney donation to save her life.

Naira meets Kartik and wants to be with him. Vedika blocks Kartik from meeting Naira. Naira gets suspicious on Pallavi and Vedika’s huge lie. Pallavi fakes the surgery drama to settle Vedika in Naira’s place in the Goenka family. Naira will soon learn this truth and challenge Vedika.

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