Muskaan Ronak final journey happy union closure

Muskaan Ronak final journey happy union closure

Muskaan Ronak final journey happy union time Roshni and Khushi cry for Ronak, who is in the jail because of Sir ji. Roshni consoles Khushi like an elder sister. Gayatri awaits Ronak and Muskaan at home. Nisha takes Sir ji to the locker. She gives away every asset to ensure that she gets Ronak and Khushi. Sir ji tricks her to bankrupt Ronak. He gets his hands on Ronak’s property and assets. He tells Nisha that he will make sure that she gets Ronak and Khushi forever while he traps Muskaan in her own game. Nisha feels secured on hearing his fool proof plan. He asks her to take Khushi with her and flee just to blackmail Ronak later on.

Nisha agrees to his plans. She doesn’t want Roshni with her. He tells that he has made to send Roshni to the same place where Muskaan grew up and turned into a dancer. Roshni and Khushi witness the entire plotting. They get into disbelief. They take from Sir ji and try to run away to Ronak and Muskaan. Sir ji asks Nisha to convince Khushi and take her away. Nisha drags Khushi with her. Roshni runs to Gayatri to get help. Nisha believes Sir ji blindly. Gayatri learns that Nisha has got into Sir ji’s sugary words. She rushes to stop Nisha from compelling Khushi. She slaps Nisha. She reprimands Nisha for her selfish move.

Sir ji lets them quarrel and gets away with Roshni and Khushi. He kidnaps them and plans to sell them. Ronak and Muskaan learn that Sir ji has kidnapped their daughters. They follow Sir ji by Gayatri’s hints. They fight Sir ji and his goons. They call the police and expose Sir ji’s identity. They get Sir ji arrested. Nisha regrets for her mistake to trust a bad person like Sir ji. She decides to leave from Ronak and Muskaan’s lives. She feels she really didn’t deserve Ronak and couldn’t love Khushi selflessly like Muskaan does. She makes a big sacrifice in the end. Ronak and Muskaan sympathize with Nisha. They begin their happy family.

They spend quality time with their daughters. Their family completes and they stay in peace. Roshni and Khushi make a request that they want to see their parents’ marriage. They think they missed the marriage. Ronak and Muskaan keep their wish. The lovely couple marries again. Their story finally completes with Ronak and Muskaan’s union with Roshni and Khushi.

Reviewed Rating for last episode: 5/5
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