Kundali Bhagyya Tonight Latest Rishabh in huge danger

Kundali Bhagyya Tonight Latest Rishabh in huge danger

Kundali Bhagyya Tonight Latest Rishabh in huge danger Ramona helps Prithvi by calling Sherlyn. She tells him that Sherlyn can help him in finding Preeta. He knows that Sherlyn is always after Preeta and would know it well. He thinks to lie to Sherlyn that he has come for her sake. Ramona asks Sherlyn to tell him about Preeta. He hides from Sherlyn. She thinks if he is Prithvi who came to ask for Preeta. He fails to escape, since the robbers make an entry at same time. The robbers threaten the people and take everyone in captivity. Prithvi wants to save his life. He hides under the table. Rishabh gets at gun point. Dadi scolds Shrishti for her intentions. Mahira is also supportive of Dadi.

Shrishti tells Dadi that Preeta is Karan’s wife. Rakhi doesn’t want any problem. She tries to sort the matter. She asks Mahira to remove her mehendi. Shrishti tells them that she has got special oil for Mahira’s mehendi. She doesn’t want any blames. Dadi checks the oil and asks Shrishti to go ahead. Mahira worries seeing the light colour of her mehendi. She tells that Karan doesn’t love Mahira and this is a clear sign. Mahira gets upset. The robbers shoot in the air. The gunshot gets heard by everyone.

Karan and Preeta run to save their families and guest. Sherlyn too hides under the table to get saved. Karan stops Preeta from falling in trouble. He tells her that she doesn’t know how to handle the problem so she should be away. He asks her about the back door entry into the wedding hall. He wants to handle everything alone. She doesn’t want him to take risk. He makes her swear that she won’t follow him. He wants her to stay safe. Prithvi knows the robbers will loot the people and run away.

He gets worried seeing Sherlyn hiding under the table beside. He doesn’t want her to catch him. Kareena, Ramona and Rishabh worry when the robbers demand all the cash and jewellery. Ramona thinks Mahira is with Karan. Sameer realizes that Kritika is passing the phone to Rishabh. Sherlyn gets the phone and doesn’t want any trouble. She throws the phone away, which reaches Rishabh. Rishabh thinks of the person hiding under the table and helping him by passing the phone. Sherlyn thinks she should have called the police. Rishabh tries to pick phone and falls in the robber’s sight.

The robber catches Sherlyn as well. Rishabh realizes that she was trying to help him. He thinks how to save her now. Sherlyn thinks he had thrown the phone to her and trapped her. The robbers remove the masks after disconnecting the CCTV cameras. Rishabh asks the robbers not to harm anyone. The robbers ask for the bride, so that they can get more jewellery. Rishabh asks them to take money and leave. He tells them that they shouldn’t harm any of his guests.

Prithvi thinks Rishabh is foolish to pay the robbers. Prithvi tries to run away before Sherlyn sees him. Kareena and Rishabh try to request the robbers. Sameer and Rishabh bravely fight, but in vain. They get tied up. Kareena cries for the family. Prithvi thinks to hide in the groom’s room. He looks for the room. He hides from the robbers. He gets an idea to save himself. Karan will realize his feelings for Preeta when she falls in danger. Keep reading.

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  1. Iskh subhan Allah a beautiful show but it’s straying sometimes,until now no one knows that Ruksar killed Kabeer’s mom ,when will that happened n moreover kabeer got married to Ruksar,just out of place


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