Kumkum Bhagya Tonight Ranbir shocking arrest

Kumkum Bhagya Tonight Ranbir shocking arrest

Kumkum Bhagya Tonight Ranbir shocking arrest The principal informs Pragya about Prachi’s matter briefly. He calls her at the college for the urgent meeting. He doesn’t want to rusticate Prachi without clarifying to Pragya, since last time Pragya created a big drama on Prachi’s rustication. Sanju tells Rhea that everyone will doubt on her if she gets away from the matter. He tells that college mates know about Rhea and Prachi’s rivalry, if she acts good towards Prachi, then she won’t be suspected. He asks her to call Ranbir soon. Ranbir troubles Prachi and doesn’t want to leave her alone.

Sanju gets much disturbed when the college guys talk ill about Prachi. He knew that this will happen if the MMS leaks, but he didn’t wish to face it. Rhea asks him to accept the reality, since this is destined to happen, these ill talks will help him in marrying Prachi. Prachi cries and defends her character in front of Ranbir. He tells her that he knows her very well that she is innocent. Abhi and Vikram reach the college to meet the principal. Rhea doesn’t want Sanju to create any drama unnecessarily. Abhi comes across Sanju and feels that he has seen him before. The principal decides to tell Abhi about the MMS matter.

He wants to inform Abhi so that he can also give his opinion. When Abhi meets the principal, he learns about the MMS scandal. The principal tells that he will have to postpone the meeting. He doesn’t want to forgive the girl, who is their college student. Abhi wants the guy to be questioned as well. The principal tells him that he wants to explain the girl’s rustication to her mother and then they will continue the meeting. He asks Abhi to wait in his cabin itself. Shahana gets angry on the girls who insult Prachi. Rhea’s friends argue with Shahana. Shahana fights the misbehaving fellows.

Sanju wants to see Prachi in need of his help so that he makes the heroic step. Prachi stops Shahana from the fight. She doesn’t want Shahana to get hurt. Prachi takes Shahana with her at the same moment when Pragya arrives at the college. Abhi tries to talk to Vikram about Rhea and Ranbir. He tells that despite their similarities and differences, they are friends. Abhi tells that he wants to make their friendship turn into a strong relation. Vikram jokes on him first and then apologizes. Abhi pulls Vikram’s leg. Vikram promises to pull Abhi’s leg on the day when he has an upper hand. Pragya doesn’t meet the principal on time. She doesn’t see Abhi.

Ranbir looks for Prachi. He wants Prachi to meet him. His friends talk cheap about Prachi. Ranbir scolds them and asks them to delete the video. He doesn’t tell that he loves Prachi. Pragya runs after the girl to see Prachi’s poster. Rhea feels sad seeing Pragya. She recalls Sanju’s advice. She wants to be good in front of Pragya. She scolds the girl for spreading wrong rumours about Prachi. Pragya finds Rhea defending Prachi. Pragya asks her about the matter.

Rhea tells her about Prachi’s indecent MMS. Pragya is left in shock. Abhi and Vikram leave from the college when the meeting gets cancelled. Abhi spots Pragya at the college. She disappears before he could show her to Vikram. Rhea tells Pragya that Shahana was supporting Prachi. Abhi tells Vikram that he will introduce Pragya to him. He tells that his Pragya is far better than Anuradha. He misses to see Pragya because of Sanju, who comes in his way.

Abhi and Vikram identify Sanju and wonder why did Sanju run away seeing them. Abhi doesn’t want Pragya to leave again. He loses her and gets sad. Prachi locks herself in her room. She bears the humiliation. She promises Pragya that she will fight and prove her innocence. She wants to make Pragya proud. Ranbir bashes up a guy to save Prachi’s dignity. He gets arrested for the crime. Keep reading and comment your views on the track.

Best comment on Kumkum’s last post by Rajshree jeewanraj
Dear writer, this prachi and rhea characters is a revamp of alia and pragya all over again. I stopped watching it a long time ago. Just popped in to see if anything changed and like always the evil people win.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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  1. This Rhea n Prachi’s rivalry s not making any sense,and to make matters worst the real culprit is never cought,it makes most of Zee tv series so boring and annoying,


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