Kundali Iconic Rishabh heroic entry Amazing twists

Kundali Iconic Rishabh heroic entry Amazing twists

Kundali Iconic Rishabh heroic entry Amazing twists Preeta pacifies Shrishti with hopes that Sarla and Karan will come soon to free her. Shrishti breaks down and apologizes to her. Preeta asks her the reason. She doubts that Shrishti is hiding something from her. She enquires if Karan isn’t coming to help. Her hopes begin to tremble. She asks Shrishti if Karan isn’t believing her again. Sarla returns to the police station to meet Preeta. She is speechless since Luthras declined her request to help. Preeta asks her if Luthras are coming to help. Sarla feels sorry.

Elsewhere, Rakhi stays upset on Kareena’s move. Kareena had locked her in the room. Kareena apologizes. Ramona and Sherlyn ask Rakhi to support Mahira. Rakhi doesn’t think anyone cares for her opinion. She feels like a stranger between them. She tells that her family left her alone, locked her up since Mahesh is in coma. She tells that if Mahesh was fine, then Kareena would have not locked her up. Kareena tells that she would have behaved the same way. Mahira likes spending time with Karan. He takes care of her. She feels like cloud nine. Ramona calls Mahira to know if she is fine. Kareena asks Karan to not help Aroras.

She tells about Sarla meeting them to threaten so that they get Preeta released from jail. Kareena tells him that she had ousted Sarla. Karan finds it right. Kareena is glad that he is favoring Mahira. Rishabh calls Karan. Karan doesn’t want to talk to him about Preeta and Sarla. Rishabh worriedly rushes to the police station. He knows Karan is avoiding his calls to get saved from his scolding. Kareena tells Ramona that Karan is with them. She shares her concern since Karan is emotional and may melt heart for Preeta. Ramona wants Preeta’s chapter to end forever so that Mahira’s happiness gets secured. She asks Kareena to help Mahira.

Kareena tells that Rishabh is too innocent and comes in Preeta’s words soon, its good that Rishabh is away from home at this time. She tells that Rishabh is happy with Sherlyn now and Karan will be happy with Mahira. Ramona is glad to hear her assurance. Rishabh speaks to a lawyer to get help for Preeta. Sarla tells Preeta that Luthras didn’t agree to help her. She believes Preeta and doesn’t care for anyone else.

Sarla promises to help Preeta by some way. Preeta asks if Karan was at home. Sarla tells that Karan wasn’t there. Rishabh soon arrives to meet them. He feels bad seeing Preeta in bars. Sarla vents his family’s anger on him. Rishabh understands her pain. He knows that Preeta can never do wrong with Preeta. He hugs Sarla and Janki to share their pain. Sarla breaks down and pleads him to help Preeta. Rishabh tells them that he has come to help his family, they are also his family. He promises to never change his opinion towards Preeta.

He tells that Preeta’s bail is processed, they will take Preeta home soon. Preeta happily asks him about Karan. He tells her that he has come from airport directly. He feels Karan doesn’t know about her. He tells that he will call up Karan. Sherlyn has no idea that Rishabh for Preeta bailed. She enjoys her victory. She feels Preeta lost and failed to stop her marriage with Rishabh. She hates Preeta so much that she is ready to sacrifice her relation with Prithvi. She wants Karan to marry Mahira. She praises her cunning plan to frame Preeta in the false allegation and send her to jail.

She wants Preeta away from her life. She rushes to meet her mum. She thinks Rishabh isn’t there to save Aroras. Inspector asks Rishabh to leave. Rishabh refuses to move unless his lawyer comes. He gets into an argument with Inspector. He gets rude since he has to help Preeta at any cost. Rishabh withdraws the complaint on behalf of his wife Sherlyn. He finishes the formalities. Preeta and family thank Rishabh. Rishabh tells that they are family to him. Shrishti thinks of Karan’s absence felt by Preeta. She doesn’t want her sister’s hope to break.

Best Comment by Farida Ahmed:
I wish Rishab marry Preetha. Karan doesn’t deserve Preetha. He doesn’t have any trust on her. So better Preetha teach him a lesson by accepting Rishab. I hope the story take a twist.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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  1. Yesterday I told this may happen it’s true. See after not believing he comes to home for catching the falling preetha, can’t tolerate.

  2. Rishabh aur preeta ko hi Milana, aur shalyn & mahira ka parda fash karna, preeta ke saath kuch accha Karo writer ne preeta ke liye har time problem rakha hua hai,so bad???

  3. Frankly when this show came on the channel .. I always thought that preeta would be married to rishab .. And that they were going to love each other ” but I never thought preeta would be with karan .. I don’t see not what the fans find them as a jodi .. Frankly preeta and rishab yes .. Every woman should have a husband as rishab .. When I think they made her married to sherlyn but why .. Anyway. In the end rishab will be alone when he has always supported preeta who loves and thinks only of karan .. who never believes him .. In short ” disappointed because the jodi preeta and rishab will never be a

  4. I totally agree with you. Rishabh should be with preeta, karan the play boy can go to hell for all I care. I don’t even like him one bit.There should be a twist where sherlyn gets exposed, karan dies and Rishabh marries preeta.

    • There should be a twist where sherlyn and Rishab are divorced so that he can marry peeta.Karan should end up in a loveless marriage with Mahira.When she will marry him she will show her real colours to him and his family.Preeta will sorry for him.

  5. True after all this Karan doesnt deserve Preeta at all …Once Sherlyn’s Truth is out Rishabh can Leave her and Marry Preeta..

  6. Preeta Is very matured an deserve to be with Rishab cs he’s also matured. Great couple play boy karan should travel nd meet the love of his life on tour

  7. Ap all time preeta ko hi nicha dikhate ho.
    So please yeh drama band karo aur Rishabh and preeta ko Mila do.
    Agar ap Karan ko lover boy samajhte ho to galat hai wo Kisi ki BHI Baton main aa jata hai aur preeta per trust Nahi karta……

  8. cant watch karan and preetha anymore.Karan is intolerable..i think mahira deserves him..Rishabh is such a gentleman.He deserves a partner like preetha..please get Mahesh out of comma and start moving the story..whats with mahiras dad.?

  9. Mujhe Karan o preeta bhut psand h saath me bt in situations ko dekhte hue yhi lgta hai k Karan preeta ko khi se b deserve nhi krta.is trh k ladke jinhe yehi nhi pta k emotions or feelings Kya hai or kisi ki b bato me aake believe KR lete hai kisi ko b psand nhi ho skte.plz writer preeta me bhut kuch jhel liya ab to kuch acha kro uske saath yaar.


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