Kahaan Hum Extreme Shock awaits Sonakshi Unthinkable

Kahaan Hum Extreme Shock awaits Sonakshi Unthinkable

Kahaan Hum Extreme Shock awaits Sonakshi Unthinkable Rohit and Sonakshi rush to see Naren. The entire family comes running on hearing his deadly scream. They get a huge shock to see him lying in a pool of blood after the deadly fall. They take Naren to the hospital. Rohit rushes Naren to the OT. He comes to the family and informs about Naren’s critical state. He tells them that Naren’s survival chances are low, still the doctors team is trying their best to save his life. He can’t give a word to them right now. He doesn’t want to give false hopes to the family.

Veena gets panicking on hearing this. She breaks down. She tells Rohit that he has to save Naren, who has to apologize to her and seek her forgiveness by repentance. She expresses her wish to forgive Naren after making him realize his huge mistake. She wants Rohit to save his father at any cost. She tells that she will never divorce Naren and would live with him. She doesn’t want Naren to die this way and leave her in loneliness. Rohit learns her wish and realizes that Sonakshi was right that just Veena has to decide about her relationship.

Rohit also realized that Veena wants to keep the marriage. He feels sorry that he didn’t listen to Sonakshi before. He calls the surgeon for examining Naren. Meanwhile, Pari tries to contact Rohan. Rohan is stuck in the helpless situation. Pari and Suman learn about Naren’s condition after calling Sippy mansion. They rush to the hospital. Pari gets into a big argument with Tanya. Sonakshi and Rohit ask Pari to leave, since Sippys are already in tension. They allow Suman to stay back.

The surgeon soon tells the family that Naren’s condition is beyond critical and it would be too difficult for the doctors to save him. He tells that everything depends on how Naren responds to the treatment, since he has a brain injury as well. Veena shatters. Nishi reaches there and sheds fake tears on Naren’s accident. She gets a plan on seeing Sonakshi. The surgeon asks Rohit to inform the police, since they don’t know whether its a suicide, murder attempt or accident. Rohit calls the police. Nishi frames Sonakshi cleverly.

She tells them that Naren can’t fall down accidentally, and none in the family would murder him. She tells that maybe Naren committed suicide because he was disturbed. She shows fake concern for Naren. She tells that Naren was much insulted by the protesters and couldn’t tolerate it. She feels he was disturbed mentally. Sonakshi tells her that she met Naren and he was absolutely okay. Nishi asks Sonakshi why did she meet Naren. Veena also wants to know what did Sonakshi talk to Naren. Sonakshi tells them that she told Naren that his will decision is wrong and he should change his decision to give away property to just Veena and Pooja.

She admits that she stated this just for the sake of the family’s betterment. Nishi calls her greedy and asks her if she wanted to secure Rohit’s share. She asks why did she raise a question and trouble Naren more. Sonakshi defends her point. She reveals about Akash and Deepa’s take on Naren’s decision. She tells that Akash was threatening to file a case on Naren. Akash and Deepa get scared. They deny their words. They tell the family that they are broad-minded and they didn’t object to Naren’s decision.

They ask Sonakshi not to lie or drag them into the matter. Sonakshi wonders why are they hesitant to accept their word. Rohit believes Sonakshi, since they have already spoken in this regard. Rohit tries to explain Veena that Sonakshi’s intentions weren’t such to leave Naren disturbed. Veena comes in Nishi’s words. Nishi tells Sonakshi that they can’t believe Sonakshi since she isn’t saying anything practical, its clean lie, Akash is denying her on her face. Veena slaps Sonakshi and shocks Rohit. Veena doesn’t get calm. She gets mad on Sonakshi for talking about property.

She accuses Sonakshi and asks the police to interrogate Sonakshi, who is the main cause for Naren’s suicide. Inspector confirms to know about her suspicion. Rohit tells that Sonakshi isn’t wrong. He wants to accompany her. He tells Sonakshi that he trusts her. Veena collapses down. Rohit gets worried for his mum. Sonakshi and Rohit’s divorce matter pops up. Veena tells Rohit about Sonakshi signing the pre-nuptial agreement. Sonakshi had hidden this matter from Rohit so that he doesn’t get on bad terms with his father.

Nishi changes the agreement papers. Rohit checks the agreement papers and gets moved on reading the divorce clause, that Sonakshi demands Naren’s major share of property. He questions Sonakshi about her greed. Sonakshi gets trapped from all sides. Nishi doesn’t leave any chance for her to escape the blames. Veena decides to get Rohit and Sonakshi separated.

Best comment by VB:

People watch serials to get entertained and to stop thinking of the harsh reality of life for just a mere 30 minutes and relax for the day. Watching Khkt used to do that initially but now it’s the opposite. The kind of negativity of the characters are so bad that it haunts us even later in the day. It makes you feel that there is no good in this world and everything that people think about is money.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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  1. Really… After watching this serial nowadays I feel very depressing… If Ronakshi is going to get seperate then I will stop watching it…. pls show something that will make our day happening.

  2. I mean c’mon
    Badimama knew bout Sona signing pre nup n striked off one line on the condition where she wrote she does not want a penny from sippy s if at all ever she has to leave sippy mansion.
    Veena n yk knew
    Yk what to tell ..u r just a puppet in ur wife s hand
    Sona should clear this out .
    Only Naren can prove this if he comes out o his critical state

    The makers are showing all unrealistic things on this show.
    We don’t want this melodrama

    Bring back Ronakshi together n the charm what was earlier..pls

  3. Yes even I am watching this serial because I found something different in this serial but now this serial is also catched regular melodrama same like other serials..
    I don’t like..the main couple lovestory keeps as it is and story is just roaming around other family members…
    From day one after marriage only Sonakshi is serving..same like other serial bahoos..
    I was so many hopes from this serial but now getting bored…

  4. this serial is really giving me depressing after affects…not liking it at all now…now there was Badi mamma,Veena and yk who made these papers…they knew about it even Veena made Sonakshi to promise to not say anything to Rohit…and now she turned the table upside down and asking Sona why she did not tell Rohit..

    Moreover it was obvious that he does not like Sona so in no way he would give 80% of his property to her… everyone knows he is money minded and thinks for the family…like seriously the makers are creating no link to it..what is happening dude…cmmon we thought atleast this serial wont go for divorce,property or unnecessary vamp sequel…out of Nowhere Nishi turns bad…give us a break..if we are not able to see any Ronakshi moment than i won’t watch this show…really depressive…if the makers can not get a fresh nice plot…then off this show…really disappointed ..after so many years i saw my fav actor Karan V Grover…i loved Kishwar too…what the heck is this.?

  5. Pls keep this show real like bfor dont make it like another show pls make this show on truth basis.and do win true sonakshi in the show…otherwise there is nothing different from other show

    • I agree. In the beginning looked like a different show. But now it seems so unrealistic. All of them are shown opportunistic with no values. The wntire show has brought in so much negativity.

  6. It’s getting worse and more ridiculous ? have already stopped watching it … But still waiting for a good plot to come and wish for the serial to regain it’s uniqueness…

  7. Ita so bad. Its fine Veena is depressed, but she knew that Sonakshi dint want anything. And where is Badi mamma, in fromt of whom it was signed. And how come Akash and stupid Chachi denied that they dint say anything. I would love it if the voice of Naren n Nishi was recorded and Nishi is exposed and everyone falls in feet of Sonakshi. Stupid family.

  8. still watching with pain and hopefully makers will give us soon something different..
    Sonakshi situation it’s really painful and showing her helpless for shippy family like
    whatever theyever they give me much more pain, I’m accepting with my silence and tears.. whatever I am just waiting….

  9. This was at starting was really entertaining , Alas! Now it has become totally messed up story. Every member is busy in making story complicated & all are against Sonakshi. I
    guess ultimately Sonakshi will clear all misunderstandings proving others(cunnings & lies-I doubt ,will the director do that, as the person is trying to draw her picture as perfect as God)greedy plannings. Altogether it means that being such a highly educated & enlightened family, most of the members are of low standard of character & greedy


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