Beyhadh 2 Shocking wedding twist stuns Mrityunjay

Beyhadh News Stunning twists Maya stoops lower

Beyhadh 2 Shocking wedding twist stuns Mrityunjay Maya gets married to Rudra. He introduces Maya to Mrityunjay and family for the first time as his love, his wife Maya Roy. Maya gets the title of Roy after marrying Rudra. She had a relation with Mrityunjay and wanted to marry him. She has chosen Mrityunjay’s son to take revenge on him. She has old scores to settle. She has come into Rou house for the first time. Mrityunjay didn’t imagine that his ex-girlfriend will become his Bahu. He gets a huge shock on meeting Maya. Rudra asks Mrityunjay to accept his Bahu. Maya refers to Mrityunjay as Papa/father-in-law.

She gives him a wicked smile and proves that she has won. Mrityunjay is strong, powerful and stubborn like Maya. He wants to protect Rudra from Maya. He knows Maya is dangerous and may harm his family. Mrityunjay loses his cool to see Maya romancing Rudra. Maya makes him more angered by expressing her intentions of ruining Roys.


Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer goes mad in anger. He ruins the house. He can’t let Shahbaz win again. He doesn’t want to spare Shahbaz. He has to get justice for Zara. He tells Zara that he is compelled to hate his dad. Shahbaz wants to prove that Zara is alive and he didn’t kill her. Zara tells Kabeer that they can get DNA test done and prove that old Zara is really dead. Shahbaz tells the police that he didn’t kill Kabeer’s wife, she was a coward, and ran away.

Zara tells Kabeer that they will prove Zara’s death and expose Shahbaz. She tells that they have to dig the grave and get her DNA test done to prove her identity. Kabeer doesn’t want to disturb Zara’s soul by taking her body remains for the tests.

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