Kahaan Hum Starplus Stunning Accuse Veena unexpected

Kahaan Hum Starplus Stunning Accuse Veena unexpected

Kahaan Hum Starplus Stunning Accuse Veena unexpected Sonakshi is taken for interrogation. Rohit fails to accompany her, since Veena fainted at the same time. Rohit stays back to attend his mother. He sends Ajit with Sonakshi. He is much worried with the situation in the family. He feels badly torn between his duties towards his parents and wife. Sonakshi cooperates with the police. She tells about his talk with Naran regarding the property decision. She is left free. She looks for Rohit. She doesn’t find anything except Suman. Suman tells her that Sippys are selfish, they will always blame Sonakshi.

She tells that even Rohit didn’t come this time. Suman asks her not to think of Sippys and come with her. Sonakshi doesn’t listen. She meets Ajit, who makes her talk to Rohit on call. Rohit asks Sonakshi if she is fine. Sonakshi wants to know about Naren and Veena. Rohit apologizes for not accompanying her. He tells her that Veena’s state is stable. Sonakshi goes to meet Rohit and Veena at the hospital. Suman gets angered on her Parvati personality in real life. Rohit takes Veena to Naren. Veena breaks down on seeing Naren’s state. She forgives him and wants him to just return to her.


She wants to live like a happy family with him. She tells Naren that she loves him a lot. She can’t live without Naren. Rohit realizes her plan. He understands that she loves Naren a lot and she really needs him. Rohit breaks down as well. He gets support from Sonakshi. He cries and shares his pain.

Elsewhere, Pari confronts Rohan about his commitment. Rohan is threatened by Tanya. He doesn’t want to suffer in his life for the sake of love. He breaks up with Pari. He calls it over. He tells her that he can pay her to compensate for their breakup. Pari yells at him for stooping so low. She feels he never deserved her. He asks her to keep her esteem and never contact him. He wants Pari to forget him. Sonakshi shares Rohit’s pain. Rohit tells her that he couldn’t accept Naren after knowing his huge mistake, he hates Naren, but still its difficult to see him in such a miserable state.

He wants Naren to recover soon, knowing Veena can’t live without Naren. He feels Sonakshi was so right about Veena’s feelings. He feels sorry to misunderstand her. She pacifies Rohit like a strong support. She wants Rohit to take some rest at home. Pooja tells them that she wants to take care of Naren, since he is her father.

Rohit allows Pooja and gets emotional. Nishi finds Rohit and Sonakshi sharing a hug. This enrages her. She doesn’t want Rohit to depend on Sonakshi. She wants him to oust Sonakshi so that the latter can never reach her secrets. She wants to find some way. She knows Sonakshi can expose her truth any time. She recalls the pre-nuptial agreement, through which she can instigate Veena against Sonakshi. She goes to Naren’s room at night and steals the pre-nuptial agreement document. She changes the papers, while Yash makes an entry. He misses to catch her in the act. She lies to him that she is too worried for Naren.

He understands that she loves Naren and family a lot. She fakes tears. He tells her that he believes Sonakshi, who is the only one to keep the family united. She agrees to him, since her plan will change his thinking as well. She meets Veena and brainwashes her against Sonakshi. She tells Veena about Sonakshi’s victorious smile when she met Naren. She lies to Veena about Sonakshi’s hidden intentions. She adds that Sonakshi is turning Rohit into a puppet so that he always believes and defends her. Veena gets angry when Nishi tells her that Sonakshi is acting like a truthful saint woman.

Nishi tells that Sonakshi has ruined their family. She fills Veena’s ears further. She tells that Rastogis are the ones who humiliated them and nearly took Naren’s life. Veena tells Nishi that Sonakshi isn’t true to Rohit and had hidden about the pre-nuptial agreement. Sonakshi prepares breakfast for the family. She gets little bit hurt. Rohit cares for her. Sonakshi smiles and tells that its his love and trust that keeps her happy. Rohit and Sonakshi share a moment. Veena asks Sonakshi if she is true to Rohit. Sonakshi tells that she never hides anything from her husband.

Veena soon calls a gathering and reveals about Sonakshi’s pre-nuptial agreement. Rohit asks Sonakshi about it. Veena tells them that Sonakshi had signed the agreement, to get Naren’s property share after the divorce. Rohit accuses Sonakshi and her family. Sonakshi shouts the truth that she had signed some other papers, she didn’t ask for any property. Rohit blames Suman for being the mastermind, since her greed is evident. Sonakshi gets a new trouble. She has to prove Suman and herself right. How will she clear Suman’s name from the conspiracy? Keep reading.

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Best comment by brewing stories:

This serial is really giving me depressing after affects, not liking it at all now, now there was Badi mamma, Veena and yk who made these papers. They knew about it, even Veena made Sonakshi to promise to not say anything to Rohit and now she turned the table upside down and asking Sona why she did not tell Rohit. Moreover, it was obvious that he does not like Sona so in no way he would give 80% of his property to her. We thought at least this serial won’t go for divorce, property or unnecessary vamp sequel. Out of Nowhere Nishi turns bad, if we are not able to see any Ronakshi moment then I won’t watch this show, really depressive.


  1. KHKT is getting ugly. As it is a known fact that Veena was aware along with YK about Prenup, it is unnecessarily getting worse. …kindly put back the serial on track. How can Sona be shown as being targeted everytime? People will loose hope on being good. Goodness in society will be lost.

      • Ya serial is getting worst…. typical ekta style….i already stopped watching my fav serial… every time sona hides truth frm rohit and all target her…..also grandmaa knw thruth of property how can she lie now…..cant c more enough of thsi after getting marrried serial is getting worst day by day

  2. Rohit used to hide lot of things from Sonakshi… For eg. Paris truth, Rani’s truth… Etc.
    N each n every time Sonakshi used to forgive him… But now he is behaving wrong with Sonakshi…
    If Suman is negative in each n every thing , then wat would v say about Naren behaviour….
    Now atleast Suman should open her mouth n tell ajits name…

    • Yk prepared yhe prenup papers, evem naren clarified at tht tym tht after divorce sonakshi gets nothing from his property and everyone was there veena, yk badi mumma then y ????

  3. Ya agreed serial getting too depressive for a change y can’t serials be stress Buster’s rather than stress givers v want to c ronakshi like early …..mast Nishi ka marks futna chahiye nareen should cum back to senses n say the truth… Ajit should say the truth…. Warna serial bandh Kar do don’t drag things. Or else it LL prove that a daughter in law must not be from an acting career

  4. This serial started on good theme.. problems of any actress or a doctor…it’s turning into another ‘gheesi piti’ story…where vamp has everything to her/ his favour n can plan anything.. story writer forgets what was written earlier..now showing contradictions..!! Veena can break her trust so easily… Suman can be idiot by not telling Ajit’s name..!! I have heard that Mahesh will re-enter…!! Please keep it a normal n simple story..!! Or many people like me will stop watching it.

  5. Ridiculous after a long day we look forward to relax n watch our favorite serials KHKT n others but the suffering dsnt end these producers are lunatics they are promoting evil in families, every family has differences but they just make one person to suffer continually, i agree with Sushma n the others many of us will stop watching, i though with Saif narrating this serial that this will be different but it is the same old storyline, peace joy love n happiness shud be promoted not forgetting tolerance n change to encourage n uplift the millions of viewers on lifes lessons thru these serials love Rohit n Sonakshi acting its a pity the storie line has no substance

    • After ronakshi’s marriage we were expecting to watch some gud romantic moments of ronakshi but it is quite opposite. Looking forward to see the same charm and festivity in sippy mansion. Otherwise will switch to some better option for serials

  6. You need to stop this stupid melodrama with the twists and turns! Its not fair that sona has to get blamed for every single thing! Wheres the love? Wheres the happiness? First of all nishi should go prison and ajit needs to to tell the truth! Simple as the drama needs to be more calm and more with the familly love. Sona to be proven innocent. If this twists and drama dosnt stop then i will be one of the fans to stop watching the show an i am 100% sure KHKT will lose its viewers full stop!✋

  7. Too much negativity there should be possitivity other wise people watching it will be put off so please change the story line otherwise just close down

  8. Tbh this show is getting worse, because Sippy Family and weird and mean, coz every time and every episode when any problems or secrets staff they alway blame Sona and put everything on her and she always takes everything on herself. Tbh on my side this shows it’s unfair.

  9. When they were talking about the paper things everyone was naren, Veena, dadi, and other was there so how come veena is forgetting and blaming Sona for the thing that they know. This story of KHKT is getting worse and weird I’m starting to hating it. Producer watchout


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