Kumkum huge confront Ranbir Prachi upcoming

Kumkum huge confront Ranbir Prachi upcoming

Kumkum huge confront Ranbir Prachi upcoming Kohlis are thankful to Rhea. Abhi feels proud of Rhea. Vikram wants to know why did Prachi do this. Abhi wants to talk to Prachi and know the matter. Rhea tells them that they should avoid Prachi, who cheated their trust. She asks Abhi not to ask Prachi for the reason, it won’t help him either. She tells them that Prachi dislikes Ranbir and speaks against him in the college. She lies about Prachi. She tells them that they shouldn’t blindly trust Prachi. Abhi asks Rhea not to dislike Prachi. Rhea tells them that she is close to Ranbir since childhood. Kohlis get thankful to Rhea and praise her. They feel proud of Rhea. Rhea feels she has won.

Abhi thinks Rhea cares for Ranbir a lot. He wants to talk to Kohlis about their alliance. Ranbir cries and breaks down that Prachi didn’t believe him and broke his belief as well. Aryan meets Ranbir and wants him home. She asks him to come back home. Ranbir angrily beats him. Aryan too punches him to get him to senses. Ranbir and Aryan speak on the matter. Ranbir is worried that Prachi didn’t reciprocate his feelings. Aryan tells him that the family is worried for him. He asks Ranbir to call Prachi and talk to her, else meet her.

He tells that the family is going mad in his worry. He asks Ranbir not to be selfish and value his family. Ranbir agrees to go home. Rhea rushes to Aaliya and tells her that their plan worked, Prachi changed her statement and lost Ranbir’s trust, even Abhi and family got against Prachi. She tells that everyone praised her a lot. She is glad. Aaliya asks him to leave Ranbir alone for some time. She tells that Ranbir didn’t confide in her, so she can’t talk to him about Prachi directly. She asks her to let Ranbir realize that Prachi went against him, while she(Rhea) stood by him. She tells that Ranbir will realize her worth soon. She asks Rhea to just wait for the right time.

Rhea dances happily. Rhea tells Meera that she is happy that Ranbir got saved from the police. She shares her happiness with Meera. Meera loves to see Rhea happy. She also praises Rhea for her maturity and thoughtfulness. Rhea hugs her. Pallavi gets sobbing for Ranbir. She doesn’t understand why Prachi did this. She wants to confront Prachi. Vikram asks her not to call Prachi, since Prachi’s thinking about Ranbir won’t change. Pallavi is hurt since she was liking Prachi and her family. She didn’t expect Prachi to hurt their heart and break their hope. Vikram tells her that he regrets knowing Ranbir so well. He feels Prachi’s trust fell short.

Ranbir overhears their conversation. Vikram feels Prachi back-stabbed Ranbir. Ranbir is depressed. He doesn’t eat breakfast and goes away. His parents cry for his pain. Rhea’s friends talk about Ranbir. They get backbiting. Rhea scolds them and clears Ranbir’s name. She tells that Ranbir can’t do anything wrong, Maya is making stories. She asks them not to lose faith on Ranbir. Shahana and Prachi overhear them. Shahana asks Prachi why did she give statement against Ranbir. She also feels bad. Rhea warns her friends. She doesn’t want Ranbir’s image to spoil in the college. Shahana gets upset on Prachi. Ranbir comes across Prachi in the college.

Shahana reprimands Prachi for framing Ranbir by believing Maya. Prachi doesn’t want to answer anyone. Ranbir catches Prachi to get an answer. He takes Pracho to the library. He asks her the reason for her loss of faith. He is angry that she didn’t understand him. He tells that he wasn’t angry that police arrested him. He tells her that her opinion matters to him, she should have believed him. He asks her how could she call him a molester. She asks him not to scare him. He asks her if she has no faith and fears molestation. He shatters with her silence.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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Best Comment by Samayra:
By bringing such twist in these stories the direction compels us to think that there is nothing called true love, its all fake.

Tujhse Hai Raabta


  1. Mere to samjh nhi aata makers es serial me bina soche samjhe kuch v kyo daal dete hain publicity ke liye …aj tk es serial me jo main
    Actress hain uske sath hi kavi kuch achcha nhi dikha paye leap dikhate hain usi ko harakar ….aur fir uska struggle shuru kvi jitane ka kuch hota h harate jayenge …kya hai kumkum bhagya jb uski shadi chale bina hi wo old ho gayi…aur avi v uski ka struggle chale ja raha h m pragya ki baat kar rahi


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