Colors Prime Shakti Naati Pinky Upcoming Spoilers

Shakti Preeto biggest shocker Heer kinner identity out

Colors Prime Shakti Naati Pinky Upcoming Spoilers Virat gets sad to lose his DJ player at the hands of Daljeet. Heer searches him in the college and asks his friends. Virat tells Dadu that he befriended Heer just yesterday and she might be waiting for him in college, but he is locked in the house. He punches on the boxing bag to relieve his anger. Heer thinks why Virat didn’t come to college? She gets worried and comes to his house. He sees her outside the window and finding it hard to climb up. He holds her hand and helps her come inside. They fall down on the floor. He asks what is she doing here? Heer tells him that she came to meet him as he didn’t come to college on the first day of their friendship.

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story: Gagan threatens Megha and asks her not to dare to try again to break his marriage. He tells her that he can’t end marriage with Pinky else he can’t take advantage of Ram’s status of Brahmin society head. Later, during Pinky and Gagan’s reception in the hotel, Pinky asks Gagan until when he will be upset with her and tells that she will do as he says, her morning, day and night will be scheduled as per his wish.

Pinky tells him that she will be quiet when he comes near. Just then somebody switches on the lights. Gagan moves the curtain and finds them on the backside of stage and microphone is kept near Pinky. All the guests and families of both Pinky and Gagan hear them. Ram feels humiliated to hear Pinky’s romantic conversation with her husband and gets angry. Pinky faces taunts by Gagan’s family and guests. She will come to know about Gagan’s true face soon.

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