Kumkum Prachi accident Abhi at rescue Coming twists

Kumkum Prachi accident Abhi at rescue Coming twists

Kumkum Prachi accident Abhi at rescue Coming twists Saloni tells Ranbir that she has taken the picture of the girl. He checks her phone and finds all the pictures deleted. Rhea has deleted all the pictures. Saloni tells that the girl acted to fall down and took the phone to delete pictures. She tells that she can’t help him further. He thanks her for all the help. He asks her to describe the girl. Saloni tells that the girl looks really pretty. Rhea returns to Maya’s house and finds Prachi there. Prachi asks Maya if she is lying, and Saloni telling the truth. Rhea knows Saloni’s plan is spoiled, but Maya has to know this. Prachi tries to record her statement. Maya gets worried and confesses that she has done this for money. Rhea sees Prachi recording Maya’s statement.

Prachi apologizes to Maya and acts to help. She makes a leave, without seeing Rhea there. Prachi calls up Ranbir to tell about the girl. Ranbir tells that he missed to see the girl. She tells him that she has got the evidence against Maya. Rhea reprimands Maya for making a confession. She tells that Prachi is with Ranbir, they have taken Saloni’s help. They rush to stop Prachi and snatch the recording from her. They don’t want to get caught. Rhea doesn’t want her name to get exposed. Maya calls Prachi to stop her. Prachi tells Maya that she is going home.

Maya tries to know her location. Rhea tells that they have to stop Saloni as well. They get to see Prachi. Abhi is disturbed and thinks of Rhea hiding something wrong, taught by Aaliya. He wants to know the matter. He calls up Aaliya. She doesn’t answer. He feels Aaliya is creating problems and feeding wrong things in Rhea’s mind. He calls Pragya and gets her phone off. He wants to meet her. He comes across Pragya on the way. He shouts to Pragya, but she misses to see him. Abhi follows Pragya. Prachi wants to hurry and meet Ranbir. Rhea decides to stop Prachi at any cost. She goes to hit the auto rickshaw. Rhea manages to harm Prachi.

Prachi gets hurt and her phone breaks. Abhi meets Prachi on the same route. He worries for her safety. Abhi rushes to see the car who has hit and run. He misses to see the car number. Rhea races on seeing her dad. She panics. She asks Maya to give her scarf. She leaves and lets Maya sit in the car. Abhi cares for Prachi. The people think they are father and daughter. Rhea goes to the accident spot and takes Prachi’s phone to delete the video. She does her work and escapes. Rhea sees Ranbir there and meets him. She doesn’t want him to see Prachi or Abhi. She tells that her car broke down. He takes her home to drop her.

Abhi tells Prachi that he will drop her. She asks him if he isn’t angry on her for going against Ranbir. He tells that he believes Ranbir, and she did wrong. She wants to go to Ranbir’s house. He doesn’t think its good. She tells that she was on Ranbir’s side and made this plan to prove his innocence. She tells that she didn’t tell anyone, she was acting to be with Maya to help Ranbir. He gets glad to know about her plan.

He takes her to Ranbir’s house. Ranbir asks Rhea what’s bothering him. She wants him to know that she hates Prachi. She tells him that she is worried that she will lose him. He tells her that Prachi is with him, she trusts him, she is faking support to Maya just to catch the culprit. He shares the secret with Rhea.

She tells that she is glad that Prachi is with him. He tells that Maya got a solid evidence against Maya, everything will fine now. Abhi gets Prachi home. Pallavi and Vikram don’t want to forgive Prachi for her fraud. Prachi wants to tell them the truth. Pallavi doesn’t listen to her and reproofs her further. Vikram wants to know about Prachi. Abhi tells Prachi that Pallavi is much hurt. He asks Prachi to stand for herself. He asks Aaliya not to speak against Prachi. Aaliya asks what’s left now. Abhi tells that Prachi is really stupid to make the plan alone. Ranbir and Rhea come home and meet Prachi.

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  1. I bet, thecsamecwriter that wrote the long boring khundali bhagya is the samecwritwr who wrote Kum Kum, not conclusions to anything, just goes on and on and on

  2. Bakwas kar diya koi dekhta hi nahi ke rhea kya kar rahi he bas prachi ko blam kar rahe he ab to sach sabke samne lao plss its request


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