Spoilers Upcoming Shakti Dad Ki Dulhan Naati Pinky

Spoilers Upcoming Shakti Dad Ki Dulhan Naati Pinky

Spoilers Upcoming Shakti Dad Ki Dulhan Naati Pinky Amber makes up his mind to meet Baawra Mann. He gets Guneet’s message. Guneet meets Anurag and tells that she has done everything on her own. She has managed everything by herself and has taken her own decision, and this change is new for her. She says she thinks she has to forget the old habits and have to make new ones. She messages Amber why a human is not happy with the treasure he/she has and waits for the treasure which is far away from her.

Amber replies if she didn’t get his first message and messages her that he wants to meet her. Amber gears up to meet her by fixing a date. He gets courage to meet her. He comes across Guneet as Baawra Mann, his chat friend. He can’t believe this and hides from her. He gets into a dilemma to discontinue their chats or meet her.

Naati Pinky: All the ladies who have come for muh dikhayi are shocked to see Pinky’s face. Pinky hesitantly tells them that she is allergic to peanuts and the scar on her face is the allergic reaction. Gagan’s mother scolds her and says you would have told me. Pinky stays silent. Later, Gagan’s mother asks her to make food. Pinky asks her to say what to make? Gagan’s mother asks her to make many things. Pinky uses Gagan’s laptop to see the recipe.

Gagan searches for his laptop. His mum comes to the kitchen and tells that his small office is here. She collides with Pinky and the beaten eggs fall on his laptop from her hand. Gagan comes there and scolds Pinky, asking if he can do any work nicely or not. Gagan’s mother scolds her and asks if she has done PhD in nothing. Everyone sit and have food. Megha finishes her dinner and suggests that they shall play musical chair. The guest asks what will the winner get.

Megha says winner will get a chance to dance with Gagan. Pinky tells Megha that she will dance with Gagan. Megha says he is not talking to you, and you are thinking he will dance with you. Pinky says who knows that he can talk to her while dancing. Megha says I challenge you to win this game. Pinky asks to wait and watch.

Shakti: Virat and Heer are falling in love with each other. Heer sees Sant Baksh Singh scolding Virat and Virat listening to his scolding silently. Sant Baksh Singh scolds him for running on the road and having icecream. He reminds him of the house they come from. Heer reaches her home and dreams about Virat. Shanno provokes her to walk on the wrong path.

Ishq SubhanAllah


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