Zee Upcoming Kundali Raabta Kumkum Bhagya Tonight

Zee Upcoming Kundali Raabta Kumkum Bhagya Tonight

Zee Upcoming Kundali Raabta Kumkum Bhagya Tonight Anupriya shoots Rachit in self defense to save Swara from him. Malhar has himself witnessed the incident and knows the truth. Kalyani is sure that Malhar won’t get Anupriya arrested for the crime. She wants Malhar to understand the situation and help her. Aao Saheb feels Anupriya will get arrested soon. She tries to make Anupriya run away. Kalyani stops Anupriya from fleeing. She tells Sarthak and Aao Saheb that Anupriya didn’t do anything wrong and won’t flee like criminals.

She expresses her faith in Malhar, who will never go against her. She tells that Malhar will support Anupriya. Malhar shockingly stops Anupriya to take her to the police station. This leaves Kalyani heartbroken. Their relation suffers once again because of Anupriya’s matter. Kalyani was thinking to confess love to Malhar. She changes her mind due to the series of events.

Kumkum Bhagya:
Abhi shares his feelings with Vikram. He misses Pragya. He tells Vikram about his wife. He tells that his wife is a gem, she never cares for money or any luxuries, she just wanted his love. Vikram gets a wish to meet Abhi’s life. He wishes that Abhi gets his love. Abhi is much troubled that he doesn’t know Pragya’s current residence and isn’t able to connect to her. He just holds her good memories to cherish. Ranbir meets Prachi and helps her. He wishes to tell her about his feelings. Rhea gets much upset when she finds Prachi and Ranbir together in the college. Ranbir makes up his mind to profess love for Prachi.

Kundali Bhagya:
Sherlyn tries to confuse Sarla about Karan, so that Sarla goes and insults Karan by not trusting him. She tells him that Karan and Mahira have planned everything so that Preeta doesn’t come out of the jail. She brainwashes Sarla and tells her that Karan wanted to take revenge on Preeta. She tells Sarla that Karan intentionally got Mahira late to frame Preeta into the mess. Sarla comes into Sherlyn’s words. She loses her cool when she finds Karan hugging Mahira.

She goes to him and angrily slaps him. She ends up bashing up in front of the Luthras. Luthras are much in shock seeing Sarla’s aggression. Sarla reprimands Karan for the big deceive. Sherlyn gets happy that she took revenge for Janki’s slap by corrupting Sarla’s mind. She is sure that after this insult, Karan will himself refuse to help Preeta.

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  1. I think kundali bhagya is a most stupid and frustrating serial. The writer thinks audience is uneducated. What are they trying to portray that evil always wins. To bring a twist to the story sometimes evil actions can be shown but not extended to the extent that audience feels frustrated. The Aroras are hiding the fact that sherlyn is pregnant for the past one year. It is high time they reveal it in front of the luthras and the audience would love to see their reactions.

  2. What a disgust ! Really what a stupidity going on in kundali bhagya,,,,,,do not like to watch it anymore……plzzzzzzzzzz change d story filled with conspiracies…..

  3. Bass karo itna pakka diya ,matalb our judiciary nd court r so dumb that judge is giving judgement immediately without getting clip chkd up nd let karan nd preeta end with humiliation this shows life is tooo tough no it is enjoyable nd full of love

  4. The same crap are being dished out on both serials (KKB and KB). Abhi is being deprived of the love his dear wife Pragya, Karan is turn between two women. Is this how the fans of these serials going to celebrate their valentine? The writers have lost it completely.

  5. It’s annoying now .. Kaliyani who takes so much to declare herself .. Now she can’t .. Like malhar asks Anupriya to come to the station .. In short if this is a plot by arthava .. What is it goal .. Why because if it is not for malhar .. At least out of respect for kaliyani .. Who always helped her in every bad period when her mind was of a 5 year old child .. I also doubt his morality since he asks Anupriya to shoot Rachit .. Already that his face changes expression .. And that if he is married to swara .. Malhar can not do anything to him because he will be in the life of his sister which can be ruined .. So Arthava made a very big game if that is his plan .. The show is sometimes too long or too short .. What I mean is that they take too long to to understand the plan but once the culprit known we change the script .. They do not take so much to breathe .. I dare to hope that the CV will do the necessary to credit fiction and reality. We know that it is self-defense. But for the tujhse series. I hope that they will do what is necessary to honor the rules of justice. Because a little fed up that the guilty is left free and the innocent is condemned. In short

  6. Kundali Bhagya has no story at all. Sherlyn n prithvi with her evil plans are never exposed. How stupid with no reality. It’s such a depressing n frustrating show. I guess the producer writer and the entire crew should take a break from this show.

  7. Every witness and evidence in the show is either killed or destroyed by sherlyn. Sherlyn pregnancy is not revealed. Mahesh is still in coma. Karan is so stupid that he cant confess his love and does not believe preeta. Kareena staying at her mother’s place has such a big mouth to interfere in the family affairs. She has no right at all and should be boycotted . I hope the producer and the writer open up their eyes and stop fooling the public with these rubbish scripts wasting everyone time. When will this serial end

  8. Kundali bhagya is a disgusting serial and Sherlyn and Mahira are even more disgusting…. Please stop the serial pr expose the evil people?


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