Kundali Bhagya Sarla bashes Karan Sherlyn winning move

Kundali Bhagya Sarla bashes Karan Sherlyn winning move

Kundali Bhagya Sarla bashes Karan Sherlyn winning move Sherlyn fools Sarla that someone worse is than her. She tells that she is concerned for her, since she has goodness in her. She asks Sarla to know that Karan is a bad person, trusting him is really wrong, he won’t save Preeta. Sarla feels Sherlyn is the worst, none can be so evil. She doesn’t believe Sherlyn. She tells that Karan is helping Preeta. Sherlyn asks her to believe that Karan and Mahira are lying and trapping Preeta. Sarla scolds her for giving fake evidence against Preeta. Sherlyn accepts that she has given the evidence and also made Luthras upset.

She tells that she hates Preeta and is her enemy, which everyone knows. She tells that she can do anything to hurt Preeta, but they shouldn’t believe Karan. Sarla finds her lying. Sherlyn tells that Karan and Mahira love each other and want Preeta to go to the jail. She tells that Karan failed to help Preeta, he disappeared along with Mahira, both of them are wrong, Mahira didn’t give statement in Preeta’s favor and Karan also left the court hearing to meet Mahira. She tells Sarla that Karan had left Preeta after marrying her by cheat. She asks Sarla not to come in Karan’s words, he is a wrong man.

She advises Sarla not to give him another chance to back stab their trust. She wipes Sarla’s tears by making her cry more. Sarla worries for Preeta. Sherlyn asks her to guide Preeta in forgetting Karan, who can cheat Preeta for his childhood love Mahira. Sarla gets enough of it. On the other hand, Preeta is much broken. She is taken into the police custody again. Karan apologizes to her. He tells her that he tried his best, but failed. Preeta tells him that she understands him. She doesn’t blame him and weeps. Karan feels her pain. Karan is angry on himself.

He meets Mahira, who hugs him and gains sympathy from the family too. Sarla gets raging at the sight. Kareena sends Rishabh to get the car, so that they leave for home right away. Sherlyn lies that Karan and Mahira had gone for a romantic date to celebrate Preeta’s sorrow. Sarla finds Karan hugging Mahira. Sherlyn fills her ears against Karan, who is too much in love with Mahira. Sarla bashes up Karan in anger. The Luthras try to stop her. Karan asks them to let Sarla beat him, she has all her right. Sarla breaks down and confronts him for the lie. She wants to know why Karan cheated them.

She wants an answer from him. She tells that court time ended and punishment got delayed for a day. She blames him for putting Preeta in trouble. Sherlyn enjoys the drama. She has provoked Sarla to beat Karan. Sarla asks Karan for his false promises. She asks if he has no shame to always hurt Preeta. Sarla tells that it feels terrible when you believe someone and the person kills the faith. She feels she is at fault. She doesn’t want to trust him again. Ramona asks Sarla to stop it. Karan doesn’t want anyone to talk in between. He asks Sarla to trust him, he didn’t cheat her. Sarla doesn’t believe him. She accuses him.

He tells her that he spoke to Mahira and convinced her to give statement in Preeta’s favor, she was kidnapped by the goons and he went to save her. Mahira lies to Sarla. Sarla thinks even Karan is lying. Sarla counts Preeta’s favors on Luthras. She rebukes Karan for not helping her friend. She praises her daughter’s goodness. Rakhi stops Sarla from cursing her family. She requests Sarla. Sarla wants Karan to pay for his misdeeds. Luthras leave Sarla alone. Shrishti reaches Sarla and pacifies her. Preeta loses all hopes of freedom.

She recalls Karan’s promise. She weeps knowing she will get punishment termed for ten years. Sarla tells Shrishti that Karan cheated Preeta. She reveals about Karan and Mahira’s cheat. Shrishti asks her why is she thinking so. Sarla tells hat Sherlyn told this. Shrishti asks her not to trust Sherlyn. Sarla believes Sherlyn, since Karan really left the court when they were waiting with hopes. Shrishti understands that Sherlyn had taken revenge on them.


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Best comment by Pinky Grover:

I think kundali bhagya is a most stupid and frustrating serial. The writer thinks audience is uneducated. What are they trying to portray that evil always wins. To bring a twist to the story sometimes evil actions can be shown but not extended to the extent that audience feels frustrated. The Aroras are hiding the fact that sherlyn is pregnant for the past one year. It is high time they reveal it in front of the luthras and the audience would love to see their reactions.


  1. No words ..itne bakvass serial ..so irritating..isliye aab ya TRP bhi down ho gyai h serial ki..PTA nahi Dil dimgh h ya nahi .. public pagal nahi h writer ki trh .. baghwan writer ko thodi bhuddi do aur kuch acche Kare show ka liye …

  2. Its seems like you are the only one who enjoys this serial. By the wat every persons has a right to comment on the serial. If you dont like it then dnt read the comments,


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