Zee Guddan Akshat Upcoming Choti Sardarni Vidya

Guddan Latest Update Ganga gets warned 3rd August

Zee Guddan Akshat Upcoming Choti Sardarni Vidya Meher and Jagga become the spies to find evidences from the hospital pharmacy. Sarabjeet suspects her and catches her. He sees Meher and asks her why did she come there. She tells him that she has come for his sake, like he has come for her sake. They get a diamond there. They think its a clue, the diamond will make them reach the female culprit. Meher and Sarabjeet are hopeful to find the real culprit, who framed her in the defaming fraud. Sarabjeet is trying to prove her innocence soon, so that she can come back home and live with him.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega: Guddan learns about Akshat’s critical health due to his alcohol addiction. Dadi requests to save Akshat’s life, the doctor has already told that his liver will fail if he continues to drink. She wants Guddan to keep Akshat away from the alcohol. Guddan makes a plan and calls some NGO kids at home. The kids surprise Akshat and give him gifts. Akshat takes the kids for breakfast. The kids insist him to feed the food to Guddan. They ask Guddan to take care of Akshat.

Akshat doesn’t know that its all Guddan’s plan. The kids want them to be together with love. They have cute moments. Guddan and Dadi try to stop Akshat from drinking. She takes the alcohol bottles with her and gets busy in her shoot. She takes advantage of the scene, where she breaks all the bottles. Akshat runs to save his alcohol bottles. Guddan destroys the bottles just to make Akshat rid of his addiction.

Vidya: Vivek and Vidya take a disguise to collect clues against Nanku to save the village school. Vidya thinks someone from Nanku’s family can help. Vidya wants to meet Kalindi. Kalindi helps Vivek and Vidya to get an entry in the house. Nanku doubts them and tries to check them. Jagat comes with a news. Nanku gets misled. Vivek and Vidya look for the evidences, while Kalindi keeps Nanku engaged. Kalindi wishes Nanku gets caught.

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