Kidnapping Saga Kundali Bhagya Karan Preeta threatened

Kidnapping Saga Kundali Bhagya Karan Preeta threatened

Kidnapping Saga Kundali Bhagya Karan Preeta tonight Karan and Preeta get to see Babbi, who flees in no time. They follow Babbi. Sherlyn fools the family. She tells that they won’t be able to find the kidnappers. Rakhi tells that the kidnappers will be arrested and the truth about Preeta’s enemy will get known. She tells that she is doing this for Mahira and Preeta as well. She wants to know who is Preeta’s enemy, who plotted such a conspiracy against her. She feels that enemy is also against them. Sherlyn and Mahira get angered seeing Rakhi caring for Preeta.

Rakhi assures Mahira that she will catch the kidnappers. Mahira thanks Rakhi for her help. She controls her emotions. Kareena asks Mahira why was she changing her statement. Mahira wants to impress Rakhi. Rakhi wants to know the truth. Mahira tells them that she was changing her statement on Karan’s word. Kareena doesn’t want Mahira to support Preeta. Mahira tells that she wants to just think for Karan and Rakhi. She acts innocent. Rakhi wants to talk to Sarla. She is glad that none is against Preeta in her family. Kareena yells at Mahira for favoring the ill-fated Preeta. She hates Preeta.

Karan and Preeta follow the truck. They lose track when Babbi acts smart to mislead them. Rakhi makes a call to Sarla, who is much angry on Karan. Rakhi speaks to Janki and clarifies about her family’s stand for Preeta. She wants to clear the misunderstanding so that Sarla’s heart gets light. She tells that Karan and Mahira aren’t wrong, they were trying to save Preeta from the jail, but they couldn’t reach the court on time. She defends her family. She tells that Karan is her son, but even Preeta is also dear like her daughter. She wants Janki and Sarla to believe her.

Sarla refuses to talk to Rakhi. Rakhi knows that Sarla is avoiding her. She tells that Sarla has a right to slap Karan. Sarla asks Rakhi not to test her patience. Rakhi pleads to her. She asks Sarla to forgive Karan, who tried his best to save Preeta. Sarla is worried for Preeta’s future. Rakhi asks her to trust Karan once. She tells Sarla about Mahira’s kidnapping. Sarla doesn’t believe this. Rakhi tells that Karan was trying to save Mahira to get her to the court for Preeta’s sake. Sarla tells that she won’t believe Karan’s stories, Karan and Mahira trapped Preeta. Babbi is scared of the police.

He tells his friends that Karan and Preeta are chasing him to get him arrested. Karan and Preeta reach the garage to find him. Babbi prepares to attack them. Karan and Preeta get caught and fall into huge trouble. Sameer reaches Shrishti. He asks her about the problem. She hugs him and is glad that he came. She tells him about the huge problem. She tells that Preeta is following the truck driver, she maybe in trouble, she has many enemies. He doesn’t understand how Preeta is roaming free. She tells that she will explain everything later.

Sherlyn and Mahira celebrate their success. Sherlyn feels Preeta will try a lot, but not succeed, since they are much smarter. Kritika finds them together. She suspects their plans. She thinks Mahira can’t be the right girl for Karan if she is influenced by Sherlyn. Sarla sheds tears for Preeta. She is scared that she couldn’t save Preeta from the jail punishment. Karan and Preeta get kidnapped by Babbi. How will they save themselves? Keep reading.

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Best Comment by Adz:
Please expose sherlyn and mahira. Welcome preeta into the lutra house and make Mahesh wakeup.

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