Kundali Spoiler Zee Revelations Romance Super drama

Kundali Bhagya 14th July 2020 Preeta challenges Karan

Kundali Spoiler Zee Revelations Romance Super drama Kareena is upset seeing the illegal things done in her house. She tells Rishabh that Karan is doing wrong. She asks Rishabh to stop Karan. Rishabh tells them that Karan is doing right, he is getting a criminal punished and saving innocent Preeta. He wants Karan to support Preeta. Sherlyn asks Mahira to talk to Karan. Mahira tries hard to convince Karan and Rishabh that they shall call the police. The Luthra brothers don’t want to take the risk. Rishabh tells her that she shouldn’t bother much, since Karan is not wrong. Sherlyn asks Mahira if she convinced Karan. Mahira tells that Karan isn’t in her hands now, he has decided to speak to Babbi.

Meanwhile, inspector is trying to find Preeta. He takes the team to Sarla’s house and demands her to bring out Preeta. Police checks the house and doesn’t find Preeta. Inspector questions Shrishti about Preeta’s whereabouts. Shrishti denies to know anything. Sherlyn and Mahira inform the police that Preeta is in Luthra house. Ramona supports them in getting Preeta arrested. Police heads to Luthras to arrest Preeta. Karan spends time with Preeta. Karan and Preeta have special sweet moments of love.

Shrishti informs Sameer and Rishabh about the fake video, which didn’t get tested by the forensics. She tells that they should send the video for tests to prove it wrong. She also tells that Babbi confessed that his real aim was Preeta. Rishabh is much shocked and wants to know the enemy framing Preeta, unaware that its his chameleon wife Sherlyn.

Best comment by Twinkle:
Please now stop all these evil things in Kundali bhagya, now bring the truth in front of everyone because we are getting bored.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Zara takes a bold step against Jalali to save an innocent woman’s life. She attacks Jalali. Zara takes the big risk, which worries Kabeer. Jalali wants to play a game with Kabeer and Zara. He tells Shahbaz that someone’s blessings are protecting them so well that even his Jinns failed. Kabeer and Zara’s noble intentions and goodness make them success. They celebrate their success and dance. Jalali and Shahbaz keep an eye on them. Jalali tells that he has planned to divide and rule, he will attack one first and make him flee to hunt for the other one.

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Bepannah Pyaar


  1. Again and Again and Again the same Story and same Plots in both Kumkum and Kundali—-Kidnaps, Murder, Terrorism in Malls and Banks.Now it is Love Triangle in both Rhea(villain) Ranbir and Prachi in Kumkum and Mahira(villain) Karan and Preeta in Kundali. Prithvi got bored and ran away from the serial. Now Mahesh can also get up from his Coma and run away as he is a real waste in the serial


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