Patiala Babes Inspiring twists Shakti Heer Virat Holi

Patiala Babes Inspiring twists Shakti Heer Virat Holi

Patiala Babes Inspiring twists Shakti Heer Virat Holi Mini and Arya are much disturbed while dealing with tough situations in their lives. They think they got defeated by the society’s double standards. Mini’s wounds get freshened up when she fights the battle for Arya. Neil tells a story to Arya to motivate her and make her fearless. Arya shows a good response. Neil tells her that its his story, he has fought with the life’s biggest fears, he won over his fears. He also asks her to be determined, she can pick up inspiration around. He wants Arya to be motivated to lead her life well. He asks Arya to help him in motivating Mini.

The school teachers curse themselves for not fulfilling the expectations of their students. They apologize to Mini and want to stick to their principles and teachings. Mini is very glad that they are ready to help. Mini, Neil and Arya make a plan to get crowd funding for making a public platform to fight such cases. They face new problems in getting the donations. Neil is worried for the funding, without which they won’t be able to meet their huge goals. Neil and Mini will be seen bonding well, while they try to fix up everything. Neil becomes a big support for Mini.

Heer and her family celebrate Holi festival. Harak and Preeto give a rocking performance and prove how much they are enjoying even in their old age, Heer, Rohan, Soham and rest of the family also shake a leg. Heer gets a huge surprise when Virat comes to meet her. Virat gets intoxicated after drinking the spiked thandai. Virat meets Heer and her family. He declares that he loves Heer and wants to colour her in the colours of love. He asks Harak and others to play some cool songs to celebrate Holi in a modern way. He applies red colour to Heer and makes a confession. Heer reciprocates to his love confession.

He tells her that he is helpless to get engaged to Jharna, he can’t stop the engagement and can’t go against his dad. He tells her that its their first and last Holi, he wanted her memories to be with her. Heer and Virat have an emotional moment and cry on sensing their separation. Virat and Heer’s holi moment shocks Harak and family. Heer’s family knows Heer is a kinnar and shouldn’t fall in love. Virat isn’t aware of Heer’s truth. How will Heer’s family react knowing her crazy love for Virat.

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