Kumkum Kundali Today Romance Preeran Ranbir Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya New Episodes to bring huge twists

Kumkum Kundali Today Romance Preeran Ranbir Prachi Ranbir confesses his feelings to Prachi. He tells her that he likes it when she is around, he feels safe by her company, since she has always promised to support him, he wants her in his life. He reminds her that she promised to save him from Maya and the legal mess. He tells her that he really wants her to be with him in tackling the problem. He tells that he will fight any problem if she is with us. He requests her to never leave his hand and always be with him. He gets into a moment with her, after a true confession. Prachi gets smitten by his love.

She falls in love with him, and such moments make her more certain of her feelings. He asks her to promise him. Prachi promises him that she will unconditionally support him. She finds him innocent and stupid to not know what’s right and wrong for him. She tells him that he really needs her to protect him. Ranbir and Prachi share moments of friendship, though he wants her to reciprocate his love.

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Kundali Bhagya:
Preeta knows Karan is good-hearted and didn’t had any hidden agenda when he saved her. She doesn’t want Sarla to judge Karan wrongly. She knows that Karan would never try to save Sherlyn. Karan misses Preeta, while she also misses him badly. They both imagine each other while they get ready for a meet at the cricket training academy. Karan looks forward to meet his physio doctor Preeta. He thinks Preeta should know the good news about Mahesh.

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He gets eager to meet her and share his happiness. Preeta wants to express her gratitude for his help, since he didn’t break his promise this time. Kareena finds Karan hurrying a lot and asks him to better focus on his practice. She taunts him to stop him from thinking about Preeta. Meanwhile, Mahira shares the good news with Sherlyn that Karan was trying to get close to her. Sherlyn can’t believe this. Mahira is mistaken. Karan finds Preeta speaking to his friend. He gets jealous to see them together.


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