Colors Sony 4 Spoilers Today Highlight upcoming

Heer Virat Shakti Colors Upcoming Top 3 Spoilers

Colors Sony 4 Spoilers Today Highlight upcoming Shakti Heer thinks she wants Virat to apply first color of holi on her face and wonders where is he? Virat comes to Harak Singh’s house and wishes Heer happy holi in front of everyone. Heer also wishes him the same. They apply color on each other faces and dance in front of all. Harak Singh, Preeto and others get shocked. Harak Singh gets angry on Virat. Heer and Virat’s expression of love shocks everyone. It might be Heer’s imagination.

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story: Arjun asks Pinky not to be sad for the things which is beyond their control. Pinky says sadness/emotion is not in her hand. Arjun says when some body part gets rotten or damaged then it shall be separated from the body. Pinky doesn’t agree with him and apologizes to him. She tells that her heart is her parents and she can’t separate them from her life in any circumstances. Ram meets the best divorce lawyer and tells that he came to talk about a divorce case. He then asks him to fight his son-in-law’s case against his daughter. The divorce lawyer gets shocked. Ram tells him that he doesn’t want his daughter to divorce his son-in-law and asks him to do anything to bring her back to Gagan.

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan: Amber hears Guneet and Pammi’s conversation. Guneet opens her cookies box and finds it to be empty. She asks Pammi if she knew that her cookies finished. Pammi says yes. Guneet calls the shop and asks if choco chip cookies are available. The shop keeper says no. Guneet ends the call. Amber hears her and comes to know of her liking for cookies. He says choco chip cookies and makes Upadhya tastes it, gives him promise not to lie to him. He then makes Shanti, Pandey and Ghanshyam also taste it. He plans to give the cookies to Guneet for whom he has made it.

Gudiya Hamari Sab Pe Bhari: Champa and Chameli ask Gudiya about her crown. Gudiya tells that her new parents gave it to him. Champa and Chameli provoke her to wear it. Gudiya takes it and wears. Menka joins hands with Champa and Chameli and tells that the crown was hers and it was snatched from her. Champa tells that she can do anything to take revenge from Gudiya. Then they provoke Menka to take the extreme stop. Menka comes to Gudiya’s room to suffocate her while Champa and Chameli wait outside.

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