Kahaan Hum Rocking Ronakshi Nishi final showdown

Kahaan Hum Rocking Ronakshi Nishi final showdown

Kahaan Hum Rocking Ronakshi Nishi final showdown The doctor shows the supervirus to Sonakshi that will be injected to her blood stream so that her blood prepares antibodies, by which they will create an antidote using her defensive bone marrow cells. The doctor warns her about the huge risk. Sonakshi wants to meet Rohit before the procedure and know about his state. Sonakshi falls in fatal risk and the doctors fear of losing her during the procedure. Fortunately, Sonakshi survives the risky trial and becomes a savior for many people. She meets Suman, who wants to take her home. Rohit gets critical. Nishi stops the doctor from giving an antidote to Rohit.

She doesn’t want to give any antidote to Rohit, so that he dies. Sonakshi takes charge to save Rohit’s life. She sees Nishi playing evil again. She takes the nurse’s disguise to reach Rohit and inject him the antidote. Sonakshi will be saving her love.

Moreover, Veena is glad that Sonakshi has saved Rohit’s life, but not much grateful. Sonakshi wants to meet Rohit once, but Suman doesn’t think it will be right. She tells Sonakshi that Rohit is good to them, he is helpless for some reason. Veena stops Sonakshi from meeting Rohit, since she has taken the money for saving Rohit’s life. She asks Sonakshi to leave from their sight. Sonakshi bears the insult once again and sheds tears. Suman argues with Veena. Nishi creates misunderstandings between them. Sonakshi decides to meet Rohit some how. She takes a disguise of a nurse and reaches Rohit in the Sippy mansion. She hugs Rohit.

They share a moment, while Veena makes an entry. Rohit makes an excuse to make Veena out of the room. Sonakshi tells him that they have to expose Nishi’s truth. Rohit thinks its hard, but necessary. He tells Sonakshi that he was helpless to divorce her and oust her since Nishi was threatening Naren’s life. Sonakshi and Rohit team up as Rocking Ronakshi to tackle Nishi. Rohit also wants Veena and Sonakshi’s terms to get better.

Reviewed Rating for this particular twist Kahaan Hum Rocking Ronakshi: 5/5
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Shubh Aarambh:

Dad Ki Dulhan

Raja rebukes Rani for accusing his uncle for snatching his property and ruining his future. He gets angry seeing the property transfer papers. He can’t believe that she is breaking his strong relations. He believes Jignesh and Kirti. He scolds Rani and drags her out of the house. He ousts her from his life. Jignesh and Kirti think they have won the game. Rani knows their evil. She loves Raja and doesn’t want him to suffer. She has to expose the evil couple. She refuses to leave from the house, since she is Raja’s wife. She challenges Jignesh and Kirti to oust her from the house if they can. She doesn’t feel any shame to protest against them to protect Raja.


  1. this khkt is getting the best trp… dnt off air it please…i am a NEET aspirant yet i take out time to watch this serial other than this i watch none…if this goes off air…i will not watch starplus itself..all useless serials would be left than….

    and if you all cannot stop it from going off air please start season 2 very soon

    • Please don’t off air first time make an outstanding serial in television history khkt rock please off air mat kro

  2. Such useless serials are on air for so long …letting one sensible amd a wonderful show going on is so painful for star plus it seems really ??? We all love the show ….if there is any respect for us start a season 2 from the same track same place from where the show will end .

  3. Kahan hum serial going to end it’s better because it was a great show earlier and suddenly it’s killed by the writer so now its better to end this bullshit


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