Kundali Mahira threatens Preeta Karan New troubles

Kundali Mahira threatens Preeta Karan New troubles

Kundali Mahira threatens Preeta Karan New troubles Sherlyn reveals her plan of igniting the fire and risking life to show Karan that Mahira is in danger. She asks Mahira to inform Karan that she is caught up in the fire, if Karan doesn’t come on time, then he will think that her life is in danger. She asks Mahira to not worry, since everything will be in control. Karan and Preeta have cute moments. Mahira is tensed. Sherlyn tells her that she should ignite the fire and escape on time. She asks him to panic Karan. She is sure that Karan will come running to save her.

Mahira calls Karan and lies to him about the fire. She tells that she is trapped in the fire. Karan runs to save her. Preeta thinks he has left without informing her, which means there is some trouble. Sherlyn asks Mahira to be sure to safe herself first. She goes to call Karan and panic him more. She calls Karan and asks him about Mahira. He worriedly tells her about Mahira being stuck in the fire. He asks her to inform the fire brigade. Sherlyn plays the drama. Kritika learns about the fire and runs to save Mahira. Sherlyn informs Mahira that Karan is coming. Mahira proves that she can do anything for Karan.

She ignites the fire. Kritika reaches Mahira first. She asks Mahira to try and come out. Mahira wants her to call Karan. Sherlyn tells Mahira that she will call the manager. She asks Kritika to help her. Sherlyn hurts Kritika to stop her and keep her away from their plan. Sherlyn acts to take help from the event organizer. Preeta reaches the hotel before Karan. She finds Kritika and learns that Mahira is caught up in fire. Preeta rushes to save Mahira. Mahira wants Karan to save her. She acts helpless and ignites more fire. She saves herself. She hopes that Karan finds her in trouble and saves her.

She is shocked to see Preeta. Preeta tries hard to rush inside the room and save Mahira. She uses her smartness to break the door. She asks Mahira to come out of the fire by covering herself in the carpet. Mahira doesn’t want her help. She lies that the door is jammed. She asks her to call Karan. Preeta tells her that Karan may get late. Preeta enters the room from some other window. Mahira didn’t expect this. Sherlyn tells Karan that Mahira is stuck in the fire. She wants to stop Kritika to not become a hurdle between them. She acts to faint down and gets Kritika’s attention. Preeta asks Mahira to come with her.

Mahira doesn’t listen to her. Preeta asks her to just come. Mahira asks her to get lost. She vents anger on Preeta for wooing Karan by acting helpless. Preeta asks her to act sensible and leave from the fire zone. She doubts that Mahira ignited the fire herself to call Karan to her. Mahira questions her for creating such situations to get Karan. She admits that she has put herself in danger just to get Karan. Preeta finds her getting insane. Preeta and Mahira challenge each other to have their rights on Karan. Preeta tells that she will not stop herself from meeting Karan. Mahira misunderstands her. Preeta tells that she doesn’t need any sympathy, since Karan and her relation is already strong.

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She warns Mahira against hurting Karan. She tells that Karan shouldn’t marry Mahira, who is mentally troubled. Mahira stops Preeta from revealing her truth to Karan and breaking the alliance. Preeta tells her that she will not waste time on her. Mahira threatens Preeta’s life.

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  1. Kundli bhagya bakbas serial me se ek he jo galat he wo khus or jo acche he wo sad plz galat logo ko aisa na dikhyen


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