Dad Ki Dulhan Dreamy romance surprises for Guneet

Dad Ki Dulhan Dreamy romance surprises for Guneet

Dad Ki Dulhan Dreamy romance surprises for Guneet Amber assures Guneet that Pammi will enjoy a lot on the trip. He asks her to enjoy her alone time. Guneet wants to pay the expenses. He tells her that its free from his side. She doesn’t want him to refuse for money. She tells Amber that she will pay it along with the rent. Guneet helps him by getting the discounts deals. She tells Amber that he can save more money and make profits by getting the deal. Nia tells Amber that she didn’t get the investor. After hearing Guneet’s idea, Nia gets an idea that she needs a financial advisor. Amber and Guneet offer help.

Nia thanks Guneet. Guneet asks Nia not to take help from Amber, he will fight with everyone. Nia is surprised that they aren’t fighting. Nia tells Amber that they will find a professional. Amber asks Guneet to prepare Pammi for the trip. Guneet thanks him. Kabir misses Nia a lot. He knows that Nia and Randeep are together. He had loved Nia a lot. He is upset that he didn’t matter to Nia. Nia doesn’t want to take any help from Kabir. Pammi prepares for the trip and surprises Guneet by her stunning look. Pammi is still in terrible mood. She asks Guneet to not chat with her friend and instead finish the work.

Guneet sends her away and feels free. She dances and enjoys her alone time. She plays the loud music. Amber too is very happy. He also dances in his house. Guneet finds him dancing and laughs. Amber tells Hakeem that he has told Ghanshyam to keep Pammi busy for two days, so that Guneet enjoys her time. Hakeem tells him that if the plan fails, then Guneet won’t spare him. Amber is much worried. Nia and Kajal share Swara, a professional financial advisor. Nia shares her ideas to get big projects on the basis of her talents. Swara tells them that she is impressed with their profiles. She likes ambitious people.

She assures that they will win together. Swara is Kabir’s college friend. He waits to meet her. He doesn’t know about Nia’s start up. Nia is ready to work hard and succeed. Swara declines to take Nia’s project. She tells about a similar offer coming her way. She takes some time to think about it. Nia hopes she agrees to join their team. Kabir wants Swara to join We net as the financial advisor. She tells him that she wants to support a startup and help. Kabir comes up with a big offer from his company. Amber arranges an office space for Nia and Kajal. Amber gets too tired after completing of the big task. Amber dreams to confess love to Guneet.

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