Kundali Bhagya Karan bold denial shocks Luthras

Kundali Bhagya Karan bold denial shocks Luthras

Kundali Bhagya Karan bold denial shocks Luthras Preeta wants Mahira to stop her madness and pretence. Mahira tells that she will also act helpless now. She injures Preeta. Preeta faints down and lies in the middle of the fire. Mahira worriedly runs away. She wants Preeta to die in the fire. She doesn’t lock the door. She thinks Preeta’s story will end now. Karan reaches Mahira who acts helpless. He rushes her out and takes her for the aid. Sherlyn keeps Kritika engaged. Kritika cares for her. She doesn’t want to tell the family about Mahira. Sherlyn acts on seeing Karan getting Mahira. Karan takes Mahira with him. He isn’t aware that Preeta had also come to the hotel to save Mahira.

Kritika wants to tell him about Preeta. Karan and Sherlyn take Mahira home. Kritika looks for Preeta. Mahira is happy to check Karan. Sherlyn and Mahira’s drama goes on. Kritika thinks where is Preeta. She calls Karan to ask him. Karan calls Preeta, who is still lying in the fire. Kritika informs Karan that Preeta had come to the hotel to save Mahira. Karan worries for Preeta. He asks Sherlyn to take Mahira home and stops the car. He rushes back to the hotel to find Preeta. He reaches the room and finds Preeta lying in the fire. He risks his life to save Preeta. Mahira and Sherlyn also follow him. They get upset to see their plan fail badly.

Preeta sees Karan when she gets bit conscious. Karan wants to take Preeta out. He doesn’t find any way to leave. Sherlyn asks Mahira to control herself and hide from Karan. Sherlyn wants Mahira to wait. Karan gets Preeta to the lobby. Kritika helps him. He asks her to call the doctor. Karan takes Preeta in the cab. Preeta gains consciousness and asks him about Mahira. Karan tells her that Mahira left the room before she reached and got trapped. She wants to tell him that Mahira injured her. She thinks Mahira left her there to die. Preeta doesn’t want to go to any hospital. She tells Karan that she is feeling fine.

Karan tells her that he will drop her home. She worries that Sarla doesn’t like to meet him, being upset with him. He tells that Sarla and his terms aren’t bad. She still doesn’t want him to come. He invites her home for Holi party. She tells that she likes to be with her family in every festive. She tells him that she will stay with her family. She thanks him. Aroras spend good time. Preeta is happy to see them. She praises Shrishti for being so smart. Sarla enquires about her wound. Preeta lies to them. Shrishti and Preeta praise Sarla’s handmade snacks. Mahira rages to think about Karan and Preeta. Mahira tells Sherlyn that she could have died in the fire, Karan didn’t care for her and ran to Preeta.

Sherlyn tells that Karan left the dinner to come and save her. Mahira wanted more of his attention. She tells Sherlyn that Karan should have not gone to save Preeta. Sherlyn asks her to be relieved, Karan will marry Mahira soon. She consoles and hugs Mahira. Sameer sees them and thinks Sherlyn and Mahira are up to something.

YRKKH Naira exposes Javeri

Rakhi and her family celebrate Holi well when the doctor gives them a good news about Mahesh’s fast recovery. Rishabh tells Rakhi that Mahesh’s reports are normal. Rakhi, Kareena and everyone hope Mahesh to get fine soon and bless Karan in his marriage. Karan refuses to marry Mahira, which comes as a big shock for Luthras. Rishabh, Sameer and Kritika get glad to hear this bold confession from Karan for the first time. They support Karan, while Mahira goes mad in rage.

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  1. This episode was good. 2 important take aways mahesh is recovering and Karan refusal to marry. I hope this turning point turns into reality in the next coming episodes. No more dreams. Writers please take note . We want to see Sherlyn being exposed and ridiculed by the luthras. Preetha should come back to the luthra family. It will be more exciting and thrilling. Mahesh should not lose his memory and speak the truth. Writers pls take note of it. Dont make it silly that he should lose his memory like JANKI.

  2. Wow! So here we are. One year after. The Holi celebration is back. Last year On Holi, Sherlyn got Rishabh in a jam and then got married to him. This year they’ll follow the same plot for Mahira. Same bhaang will be given to Karan and the same thing will happen. And he’ll have to guilty marry Mahira. Oh and in the meanwhile, Sherlyn’s pregnancy is still showing no signs despite 1 year being passed. Do these serial makes use their brains at all? And yeah before you guys judge me, I watch it for comedy now. 😀

  3. There is no story line of Kundali Bhagya. Only dragging the serial to keep reserve the time slot. How ZTv allows such type of serial in their shows where professionasl are purchased by money for wrong doing. This gives a wrong message to ourr generation. Jokingly, no link up with any incidents.


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