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Kahaan Hum Starplus Rohit blasts Sonakshi accused big

Sonakshi Rohit Kartik Naira Starplus Amazing Upcoming Sippys enjoy Holi function. They play with the colours, just to keep Nishi engaged on Rohit’s saying. She doubts Rohit when she sees him taking someone in woman’s disguise. She thinks Rohit is surely taking Naren. Before she could reach Rohit and stop him, Rohit takes Naren to the hospital. Naren shows improvement surprisingly, since he also wants to reveal Nishi’s truth to the family.

On the other hand, Sonakshi gets threatened by Nishi. Nishi tries to strangulate her to death. Sonakshi saves herself with much difficulty. She then reveals Nishi’s truth to the family. Nishi gets exposed by Rohit and Sonakshi’s efforts. Sonakshi slaps Nishi for ruining her life. Also, Veena slaps Nishi for attempting to kill Naren to snatch Sippy property. Furthermore, Pooja is ashamed of Nishi when Sonakshi reveals Nishi’s motives behind raising Pooja. Yash too can’t believe Nishi’s evil. He gets in shock. Yash and Pooja apologize to Sonakshi and feel sorry that Nishi ruined Ronakshi’s beautiful marriage.

Later, Rohit clears Sonakshi’s name in front of Veena and family. Suman calls the police and gets Nishi arrested. She humiliates Nishi. Finally, Sonakshi and Suman get acceptance in Sippy family again. Veena tells Rohit that they have to get Naren home. Naren recovers completely and returns to the family after Rohit frees him from Nishi’s clutches, by replacing the pacemaker. Good times and happy ending is seen in Sippy mansion for Ronakshi and family.

Sonakshi Rohit Kartik Naira Starplus Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Post accident, Kartik loses his mobility. Naira takes him to the doctor, who checks the reports and tells the possibility of Kartik’s recovery. Kartik has lost the strength in his legs. Naira cries emotionally. She supports Kartik. Naira and Kairav motivate Kartik in his physiotherapy session. They want Kartik to take little steps and walk. Similarly, Kartik tells Kairav that Naira always does the right things, irrespective of anything. He asks Kairav to do good like her, and even if he makes any mistake, say sorry and try to stay happy. He gives good lessons to Kairav. Naira gets emotional. Kartik tells her that he will walk on his own in few days, as doctor gave them big hopes. They return home from the hospital.

Moreover, Naira gets the bad news that they have lost the chance to get justice. She tells Kartik that Trisha has withdrawn the case for their sake. Kartik tells that its difficult to decide right and wrong in such case, Trisha gave importance to their lives than her respect. She tells that its wrong that they are paying a price for it, when the wrong doers are celebrating their success. She is upset that Trisha’s life has no colours now, she won’t be celebrating Holi.

Kahaan Hum Rohit declared dead

Consequently, Kartik tells that they will celebrate Holi. He doesn’t want to end the battle. He makes a plan to get Trisha’s culprits during Holi celebrations. Javeri avenges Naira for trying to expose his truth. Naira will fall in big trouble, which gets life threatening. She shouts to Kartik for help. Will Kartik be able to save her? Keep reading to get more news on latest promos and upcoming track.

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  1. Dipika and karan and this show was just perfect..ig starplus has a bad taste for serials to be showcased in their channel… this was their luck that Sandip sir thought of airing this serial in this useless channel who did not value the best show..the channel lost many of its viewership because of its decision to off air this show by making excuse of low TRP… I feel sad for Sandip sir as well as the cast of khkt who thought to air their best piece in a channel like starplus which does not value good contents…it only needs useless dramas to be showcasted like rebirth with the same look and age… lol…thosands of saas bahu drama, divorce, memory loss,remarriage and some fiction like dayans,jins,pishachini and what not…Starplus don’t deserve great piece of creativity like Dil sambhal jaa zara which was unique and this Kaha hum kaha tum.. that is why it off airs these show so fast and keep all the bullshits running for years and even give sequels to it..bloody politics..shame on u…


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