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Zee5 Kumkum Kundali immortal duo Raabta twists

Kundali Bhagya Zee5 Beyhadh Patiala Babes Sony Mini thinks of Neil and is lost in thoughts to the extent that the family is aware of what’s going on. Arya knows that Mini is missing Neil. She tells Mini that everyone can see this clearly on her face. Mini doesn’t think anyone can sense her feelings. Mini feels she is in love because of Neil. She learns about Neil’s past relationship, which breaks his heart.

Mrityunjay tortures Antara to convince him for meeting Maya. Antara and Maya’s meet gets expected and unpleasant. Antara apologizes to her for the sake of Rudra’s life. She is commanded by Mrityunjay to make up for her mistake. Maya insults Antara and tortures her in her way. Rudra and Ananya get friendly again. Ananya wants to save Rudra from Maya’s madness. Ananya forgives him on Aditya’s saying, since she wants him to be safe. She doesn’t want to give a second chance to Rudra. She tells Aditya that she cares for Rudra, but their friendship is over. Aditya knows Ananya really cares for Rudra and is protective.

She tells that Maya is dangerous for Rudra, who can cross any limits for Rudra’s love. Aditya tells her that they have to show Maya’s truth to Rudra by their plans. He tells that they will provoke Maya that she reacts as they want. Aditya tells that Ananya and he will join Maya for dinner. Rudra is more than happy to have them home.

He tells that Maya will be glad to see them. Maya makes Antara beg to her after cleaning all the junk. Antara breaks down and realizes why Maya has been doing this with her. Maya then consoles Antara and takes care of her. She tells that she doesn’t hate her, she just hates Mrityunjay. She asks Antara not to hide Mrityunjay’s crimes and better help in exposing him. Antara feels she loves Mrityunjay. Maya asks her to accept that she is afraid to lose Mrityunjay, since she loves the Roy surname. She asks Antara not to become MJ’s puppet.

She provokes Antara against Mrityunjay. She motivates Antara to snatch her rights from Mrityunjay. She tells Antara that she will come back home once she wins the house back from Mrityunjay. She uses Antara against Mrityunjay. She has enmity with Mrityunjay and Antara as well.

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Kundali Bhagya
Mahira manages to lock up Preeta in the washroom. Shrishti happens to reach Preeta in time. Mahira rushes to stop Karan from becoming a savior again. Sherlyn gets saved from Rishabh by sending Prithvi away in time. She gets a huge shock when Rakhi reveals that Mahesh has got conscious, he is out of coma and calling both his sons for a talk. She fears that Mahesh will reveal her truth to the family. She gets scared of the exposure. Luthras happily rush to Mahesh.

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