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Zee TV 4 Prime Kumkum Kundali Raabta Ishq Ranbir is happy to lose the challenge to Prachi. He wants to see her happy and smiling at any cost. He doesn’t spare her either and smears the colours on her face. They happily dance on the Holi song, along with their friends. Pragya meets Meera and wishes her happy Holi. Meera asks her why didn’t she play Holi with anyone. Pragya tells her that she doesn’t play Holi, since the person she loves isn’t with her, the colours look pale to her without him. She misses Abhi. Meera finds her much similar to Abhi in this regard since Abhi too avoids Holi for the fact that Pragya isn’t with him.

Tujhse Hai Raabta:

Kalyani gets close to see Atharv’s truth. Atharv gets the Mastani getup and sings for Kalyani, who has become his prey. Kalyani fails to know his truth. Atharv acts innocent to mislead Kalyani. He gets Moksh and sings. Malhar doesn’t find Mastani a nice person. He follows Mastani and reaches to witness a shock. Will Atharv harm Moksh for his revenge?

Kundali Bhagya:

Prithvi frees Sherlyn and Mahira from the storeroom. He is also drunk after consuming the spiked thandai. Karan tells Preeta that she is his love, he loves her a lot. Preeta turns why when Karan kisses her. They have a romantic moment. Sherlyn doesn’t want Mahira to know about Prithvi and her relation. She wants to send Prithvi from Luthra house before anyone finds him.


Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer irritates Zara. He refuses to teach her bike riding. She plays a video game. He tells her that he can’t see her hurt, its better than she just rides the bike in the game. She gets tensed seeing him still trying to fix the alliance. She wins the game finally and asks him to teach real bike riding. Ruksar wants to kill Zara by plotting her accident. Zara demands Kabeer to fulfill her wish. He gets an idea to get a double scooter for her so that he can easily teach her riding without even touching her. Ruksar thinks Zara will be close to her death now.

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  1. The series is getting worse and worse .. Kaliyani is his strong head .. Knowing that rachit is deceased .. She persists in hiding the truth from malhar .. Now that Sampada is aware of the pregnancy of fiv it is a asset .. I would be surprised if she didn’t know that Artharva is back too. It becomes ridiculous this whole track of the game of cat and mouse .. I do not understand this precap. And this persistent way of wanting to put the life of the pillu in danger .. You will find me ridiculous .. But one thing shocks me .. Kaliyani has never had a relationship with malhar and yet she is pregnant following IVF. . But when she gives birth what it will be .. We who thought that kalma will have their 1st night together. But to see she will already be a mother .. I don’t know if you understood what I wanted to say .. Difficult to want to express her feelings .. But hey … It becomes ridiculous with this track of arthava which plays the role of transgender. . Because the message he wishes to convey is not favorable to his role at the moment. I do not see the connection between his current role and all this policy which he posts while saying all the problem which the clan of transgender meets. . Because currently he does not plead for this cause. On the contrary arthava transmits only the negative .. Regarding Anupriya .. It is so disappointing to see kaka responsible for his condition … Create a difference and the distance between a mother and her daughter .. In short .. Disappointed with the track current


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