Dad Ki Dulhan New episodes gives solid entertainment

Finale Sony Mere Dad Amber Guneet super dinner date

Dad Ki Dulhan New episodes gives solid entertainment Nia is much hurt to see her friends, who all back stabbed her. Guneet and Amber try to fix things in Nia’s life. They have invited Nia’s friends just to make them end the differences. Kajal can’t believe that Amber has planned the dinner for them. She asks Nia what’s going on. Nia doesn’t want to discuss about the past. Guneet asks them to raise a toast. Amber tells them that friendship is first then work. He asks Nia and her friends to just talk out their issues.

Amber and Guneet take picture with Nia and friends. They share a laugh. Amber finds their talks entertaining. Swara learns that Kabir is much scared of Amber and always apologizes to him. Kabir doesn’t think he has some option than to say sorry. Kabir wants to talk to Nia. Amber and Guneet try to end their cold war. They observe Nia’s sorrowful face. Kabir meets Nia to clear her mind.

He tells Nia that he suggested her name for the start up, he didn’t intend to make her feel that he is helping her. Nia doesn’t want to listen or believe him again. He tells that he has just come on Amber’s request. He asks Nia to refuse for the work if she wants. He doesn’t want her to be an emotional victim. Nia asks him to stop acting great. She doesn’t want him to always fight and then help her. She asks him to leave, if he has come for dinner on Amber’s forcing. He tells that he wasn’t interested to come.

She doesn’t want him to have friendship with her on her dad’s threatening. She is sure to manage without him. Swara asks them if they are fighting again. Kabir doesn’t want to tell anything to her. Amber praises Guneet’s cooking skills. Guneet gives the credit to Amber as well. Kajal finds Amber blushing. Amber asks Kajal not to tell anyone. Kabir wants Nia to talk and not give importance to herself always. Nia asks him to just stop this pretend.

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He tells that his feelings and their friendship, its all real. Nia doesn’t think that she will be happy to take his help. Kabir tells that he will not break his friendship with her for the sake of the business. He confesses that she is more important than his work and he can never let her go away. Nia asks Amber to confess love to Guneet. Amber finds it tough like rocket science.

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